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When Sandiaga asked about the benefits of car free day

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Sandiaga Uno asked about the benefits of implementing a motorized vehicle free day (HBKB) or car Free Day to residents when closing car free day 2017 on Jalan Pemuda, Rawamangun, East Jakarta, Sunday (24/12).

“It’s good or not car free day? “Said Sandiaga.

“It’s delicious,” answered the residents present.

“Do you continue? Do you continue?” Sandiaga asked again.

“Keep going,” replied the resident.

Sandiaga then ensured that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government would continue the implementation car Free Day. Car Free Day, Sandiaga said, it can grow a grassroots economy or micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“God willing, in the next 5 years we will continue HBKB. We help UMKM, we raise the regional economy, we raise the grassroots economy, UMKM-UMKM must stand tall and host in their own country,” Sandiaga said.

Implementation car Free Day on Jalan Pemuda, starting from the Arion intersection to the Pemuda-Jalan Raya Bekasi intersection, it is usually held every two weeks. Sandiaga pushed car Free Day it is held every week in 2018.

In addition to growing a grassroots economy, Sandiaga said car Free Day also promote healthy lifestyles and improve air quality in the Capital City.

“The request is once a week, it would be nice. I encourage it once a week so that we people can live healthier lives,” said Sandiaga. (Nursita Sari)

This article has been published on Kompas.com, entitled: Sandiaga: Car Free Day Do you keep it?

Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie