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When the party takes advantage of the state

Reporter: Dyah Megasari |

JAKARTA. The nation’s founders established political parties for the benefit of the nation and state, they even had to spend money for the party and were willing to be imprisoned for the sake of the party. They are militant fighters who are idealistic because they adhere to party ideology. Now, what can be seen is that the parties take advantage of the state to gain power and money and only fight for themselves and their groups.

In 2013, which was a political year, when the cabinet should have ended well and promises to take care of state politics were fulfilled, there was party politics. All parties are busy managing legislative candidate lists, raising money for the 2014 elections, are more busy with internal party affairs, and not thinking about their inheritance or contribution to the country.

“If political parties continue like this, the number of white groups (golput) will increase. If golput is high, legitimacy is low, community participation is low, the authority of the government and the DPR is low, ”said the Rector of the State Islamic University of Jakarta, Syarif Hidayatullah, Komaruddin Hidayat, in Jakarta, Friday (15/2).

Political parties should think about the state, not think about themselves. However, what President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who is also the Chairman of the Democratic Party’s High Council, by directly involved in managing the Democratic Party, shows that his thoughts are divided.

“SBY should focus on thinking about the country. If this is the case, it is clear that it will further strengthen or reinforce the trend of party politics, not for state politics. As a citizen, my president is not happy, I am busy managing his party. It is too small, it is more important for him to take care of the country, ”he said.


Regarding what has happened in political parties lately, namely internal conflicts and corrupt or bribery behavior involving political party cadres, it is only natural for the community to punish political parties by not choosing a political party at the next election.

Sri Budi Eko Wardhani, Director of the Political Studies Center, Department of Political Science, University of Indonesia, sees that the corruption behavior of political parties is related to high-cost politics. “Procedurally, there are rules of the game in the Political Party Law and the Election Law. To become a political party, there are infrastructure requirements that must be met by political parties, and the consequence is that to fulfill the infrastructure, large funds are required, ”he said.

Once a political party is formed, there must be a consolidation and dissemination of ideas or ideology, building a permanent office, there must be a committee, and must operate. This requires large funds, political parties cannot rely solely on donations.

“Meanwhile, the history of our political parties is not yet used to such activities. We have had a political party for a long time, but it’s fake. The election will take place followed by three political parties, without having to campaign it will be known which party will win, “he said.

When political changes demand independent political parties and the community to determine the victory of the political parties, the political parties also look for sources of funds when they are in power in the executive and legislative branches so that a coalition occurs. If this is the case, how do the political parties expect the people to vote for him in the 2014 elections? (Print Kompas / Kompas.com)

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