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What Are the Benefits of Covid-19 Vaccination? Pay Attention To These Three Things

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA – Until now, there is no vaccine that is claimed to have an efficacy of up to 100 percent. If so, why is the Covid-19 vaccination needed?

Quoted from covid19.go.id, Covid-19 vaccination aims to protect and strengthen the health system as a whole, as well as maintain productivity and reduce the social and economic impact of society.

As is well known, vaccination is a procedure to introduce a vaccine into the body. This is done to trigger the body’s immune system, so that there is immunity against certain diseases.

The Covid-19 vaccination is carried out after the certainty of its safety and efficacy is known. Covid-19 vaccination is an effort to reduce morbidity and mortality and encourage the formation of group immunity (herd immunity).

Citing alodokter.com, the dppkbpmd.bantulkab.go.id site uploads the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine.

It was stated that vaccine administration was one of the most effective efforts to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vaccinations are carried out to complement efforts to prevent Covid-19, such as wearing masks, washing hands, also maintaining distance and avoiding crowds.

It is important to underline that vaccination or immunization is a procedure for administering a disease antigen, usually in the form of a weakened or dead virus or bacteria, it can also be only part of a virus or bacteria.

The goal of vaccination is to make the immune system recognize and be able to fight back when exposed to the disease.

“Actually, the immune system against a disease can form naturally when a person is infected with the virus or bacteria that causes it. However, Corona virus infection has a high risk of death and infectivity. Therefore, another way is needed to form the immune system, namely vaccination. , “wrote the site.

The Covid-19 vaccine that has arrived in Indonesia contains the Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) which has been turned off. By getting the Covid-19 vaccine, a person can have immunity to the Corona virus without having to be infected first.

The following are some of the benefits that can be obtained from the Covid-19 vaccination:

First, reduce morbidity and mortality due to Covid-19.

The Covid-19 vaccine can trigger the body’s immune system to fight the Corona virus. That way, a person’s risk of being infected with this virus will be much smaller.

If someone who has been vaccinated has contracted Covid-19, the vaccine can prevent severe symptoms and complications. That way, the number of people who get sick or die from COVID-19 will decrease.

Second, encourage formation herd immunity.

People who have been vaccinated don’t just protect themselves. After being vaccinated they can also protect the people around them, especially those who are very at risk, such as the elderly.

This can happen because there is very little chance that people who have been vaccinated will transmit the Corona virus.

In fact, when given en masse, the Covid-19 vaccine is also able to encourage the formation of herd immunity (herd immunity) in society.

With this mass vaccination, people who cannot get vaccines, such as newborns, elderly people, or people with autoimmune diseases, can get protection from those around them.

To achieve herd immunity, at least 70 percent of the population in a country must have been vaccinated.

Third, minimize the economic and social impact.

Admittedly or not, the Covid-19 outbreak has an impact on the social and economic life of the community. Community social and economic activities are disrupted during the pandemic.

With vaccination, which is then expected to form group immunity, it is hoped that socio-economic activities can recover.

Public Education

Regarding the benefits of vaccination, based on the explanation on the covid19.go.id site, public education is a problem that needs to be done.

The Covid-19 Handling Task Force considers that providing an understanding of the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine to the public is far more important than imposing sanctions.

With a good public understanding of vaccines, efforts to achieve community immunity or herd immunity it will be easier.

“Before imposing sanctions or fines, we have to make people understand. Because this is the key to success herd immunity. If we are vaccinated, we can protect others and vice versa, “said Covid-19 Task Force spokesman Wiku Adisasmito in an online International Media Briefing at the BNPB Building, Thursday (14/1/2021).

By understanding the importance of Covid-19 vaccination, people can also take part in efforts to protect themselves and their country.

The Covid-19 Handling Task Force, said Wiku, will continue to inform the public about the development of vaccinations in Indonesia.

On the other hand, the Task Force is also aware of a small group of people who doubt the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine.

This could be because the Covid-19 pandemic is something new, and the public is not ready to face it.

The community also does not know what is really going on and why there is a vaccination program.

As is known, vaccination is a form of medical intervention to protect people from being exposed to the Covid-19 virus.

“That is why it is important to educate the public consistently and continuously, and to touch all levels of society, and we strive to make people understand that to protect the entire population we must achieve herd immunity, “continued Wiku.

Well, you want to build together herd immunity?

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