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Various benefits if a couple is always sleeping together

JAKARTA. Sleeping together with a partner not only increases intimacy but also has health benefits.

A recent survey shows that couples who sleep together every night live healthier and longer live.

Married couples who sleep together are known to have normal immunity and heart rates.

On the other hand, sleeping with your partner will provide a sense of security and warmth.

It is believed that the presence of a loved one next to you during sleep can make the nerves of the body not tense, the mind calms down, and stabilizes blood pressure.

Here are the benefits of sleeping together as quoted from Boldsky.com.

Reduces stress

Sleeping together in one bed can make a married couple help each other lighten the mind thereby reducing stress levels.

Hugging, touching, and having sex are considered natural ways to reduce stress.

Sleep better

If you have trouble sleeping, having your partner hug you while you sleep can make you feel better.

A study has shown that sleeping together can help overcome insomnia problems.

Blood circulation

Sleeping together touching each other will offer warmth to the body.

The warmth created is good for blood circulation.

The warmth of the body due to partner’s touch is also believed to protect the skin and make the skin look naturally radiant.

Increase feeling of happiness

Sleeping next to someone you love can also release the hormone oxytocin in the body.

The release of this hormone oxytocin makes you feel happier, and so does your partner.

Heart healthy

The feeling of security and warmth when sleeping together will cause the body to relax.

As a result, the heart will not beat fast, but will beat normally. Heart health will be maintained.

More energetic when you wake up

Sleeping next to someone you love can also make you more energetic when you wake up.

That’s because sleeping together can make you sleep soundly throughout the night.

The happiness that is created makes you feel better and more energized.

Long life

More than that, a study shows that husband and wife who always sleep together have a long life. When you sleep together, the heart, brain and other organs relax and work better.

Relaxation is the best natural remedy for prolonging life.

(Dian Maharani)