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Valentine's Day and the Benefits of Expressions of Affection Page all

KOMPAS.com – Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated every year on February 14, is usually used as a momentum to express affection for loved ones.

This expression of affection comes in many forms, from a statement of love between lovers, to giving gifts to loved ones.

However, according to the article Harvard University, February 14 2017, affection or love is a type of emotion that is still mysterious to mankind.

The article states that, scientifically, love is related to the presence of the chemical compound dopamine, which is produced by the hypothalamus in the brain.

Dopamine is released by the brain when humans do fun things, like spending time with people they love.

These chemical compounds make people feel dizzy, energetic, and euphoric, even causing decreased appetite and insomnia.

This explains why a person can neither eat nor sleep when ‘in love’.

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Are there any positive benefits of expressing affection for someone?

Ohana Space clinical psychologist Veronica Adesla said it was a good thing to express our love for the people we care about.

“Affection needs to be shown, because compassion is a good thing. It is something that can make our relationship with other people stronger, warmer,” said Vero, when contacted. Kompas.com, Saturday (13/2/2021).

Vero, as he is usually called, says, we can’t make other people feel our love for them, if we never express it.

“Not only in my heart. ‘I love him’ but in my heart just, never shown, never expressed. Love language “There’s a lot of it, but it’s never been realized,” said Vero.

“How can we convey these feelings, if we never express those feelings,” he said.

According to Vero, expressions of affection are not limited to Valentine’s Day moments. He said that affection can be expressed anytime and anywhere.

Vero added that Valentine’s Day can be seen as a reminder that we need love. This does not mean that outside of that day love cannot or cannot be celebrated.

“For example, Heroes’ Day. It does not mean that we do not respect heroes on other days or do not respect their fighting power and sacrifice. We still respect that,” said Vero.

“But there is a Hero’s Day, because for us to remember, to remind ourselves’ Don’t forget, heroes are of great merit. ‘As with Valentine’ Don’t forget, affection is important,” Vero continued.

Difficulty expressing affection

Although it has positive meanings and goals, expressing affection is not an easy thing for many people.

Especially if the expression of feelings is done verbally and directly.

According to Vero, affection can also be conveyed or expressed in non-verbal ways, such as by giving gifts or by spending time and doing something with someone you care about.

“However, it’s better if you can express it verbally. If you can’t verbally use spoken words, try starting from a writing. Like writing notes, ‘I love you mama’ or ‘I love you, Ma’. That’s lighter than that. if you have to speak directly, “said Vero.

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