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US jobless benefit claims fell by 8,000

Source: Bloomberg | Editor: Sanny Cicilia

WASHINGTON. The United States (US) labor market has consistently brought positive news. Most recently, the number of claims for unemployment benefits in Uncle Sam’s country fell by 8,000 to 287,000 in the week to 27 September.

From the same US Department of Labor data, the number of recipients of continuing jobless claims fell by 45,000 to 2.4 million by September 20. This is the lowest level since June 2006.

The decline in the number of jobless claims is in line with ADP Research Institute data. ADP released, corporations in the US recruited 213,000 workers in September.

Economists and analysts estimate that the US added 215,000 new workers in September. This data will be announced by the Labor Department tomorrow. The unemployment rate in the US is estimated to remain at the level of 6.1%.