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Tugu Insurance Provides Various Benefits of Homecoming Insurance

Reporter: Sponsored | Editor: beautiful sulistyorini

Jakarta – The momentum of this homecoming season was really used by PT Asuransi Tugu Pratama Indonesia Tbk (Tugu Insurance) by launching a special product “homecoming and personal accident homecoming”. This offer includes Personal Accident Homecoming, Home Protection Homecoming and other protection. This program has been marketed since early May along with insurance products for t-ride and t-drive homecoming.

President Director of Tugu Insurance Indra Baruna explained to personal accident homecoming is protection for yourself during the homecoming to your hometown, where the premium prices offered vary.

For personal accident prices, we offer starting from IDR 10 thousand, up to IDR 50 thousand specifically for Family Homecoming and we maximize it only for 5 people, so that you can categorize 4 passengers and 1 driver, explained Indra.

Indra also explained, for how to activate the product personal accident Homecoming is very easy because it is printed on the back of the card, only entering complete personal data and 16 card number codes. It should also be noted that the card’s active period is valid until June 10, 2019.

Then what is the difference between homecoming and other Tugu Insurance products. This homecoming can be said to be the most complete insurance product for travelers while driving to their hometown. The homecoming also provides guaranteed cost protection due to accidents, during the homecoming process.

This product not only provides basic guarantees, but also provides many additional benefits, including additional guarantees that provide reimbursement for ambulance costs of Rp. 500 thousand per policy, compensation for the insured’s vehicle damage as a result of an accident, loss or damage to the luggage during the trip due to an accident.home protection) the insured experienced demolition and fire during homecoming.

True, through this homecoming insurance, customers will get additional guarantees if there is a risk of demolition or fire of the residence during homecoming. So if the house why is it covered too, “explained Indra.

For the homecoming package, Tugu Insurance also provides death benefits in the form of funeral costs of IDR 1 million per policy, and compensation for ticket and hotel cancellations due to the insured dying or being sick or suffering from bodily injury, death of the insured’s family member, unexpected strikes or riots. and the Insured’s permanent occupancy in Indonesia becomes unfit for habitation due to fire, storm or flood which occurs within 7 days prior to the scheduled date of departure.
However, the benefits of this insurance are not only for travelers but can be enjoyed by all audiences who just want to enjoy the quietness of the capital city of Jakarta or have a vacation out of town. So customers can enjoy this insurance with a premium of only Rp. 25 thousand for a period of 7 days, Rp. 50 thousand for a period of 14 days.