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This is the great benefit of seral

Jakarta. There are many benefits that can be felt when consuming cereal regularly. Such as reducing the production of cartisol to control the desire to eat.

These fiber-rich foods are increasingly being considered for breakfast consumption. What are the benefits of cereal?

First, the source of energy. Cereals contain complex carbohydrates that provide energy for growth. So that it can be a substitute for breakfast or snack which is fast and filling.

Second, a source of protein. The protein content of cereals is very important for growth and development, especially for children.

The third benefit of cereal is weight loss. Because low-fat cereal.

Not only that, its filling nature also makes cereals the food of choice for those who want to diet.

Fourth, cereals that contain oats are usually good for heart health.

The benefits of the five cereals can also prevent cancer because they contain phytosterols, which are good fats that help prevent breast and colon cancer.

Sixth, sugar levels are lower than other carbohydrate sources. But for instant cereal, you must still look at the composition of the sugar on the package.