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This is the benefits of tamarind for health

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Tamarind is often a spice in cooking or a drink ingredient. In fact, tamarind has many benefits for the health of the body.

Tamarind is popular for its super sour taste. Generally, tamarind is used as a cooking spice or a mixture to make drinks.

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Not surprisingly, the sour tamarind taste adds delicious and fresh food and drinks.

As information, tamarind is a plant that lives in the tropics. Tamarind trees grow large and can reach 30 meters in height.

Tamarind flowers are usually located on the axillary leaves or the ends of twigs. Tamarind flowers are shaped like butterflies and emit a fragrant smell.

The tamarind fruit is protected by a fairly hard brownish skin. In one tamarind fruit there are usually about 10 tamarind seeds.

The content of tamarind

Apart from its sour taste, tamarind contains quite a lot of nutrients and vitamins.

Launching from the book entitled Medicinal Plants and Their Usefulness by H. Arief Hariana, tamarind contains invert, tartaric acid, citric acid, serine, vitamin B3, geranial limonene, peptin, proline, leucine, phenylalanine, and pipecolic acid.

Tamarind bark contains tannins, and tamarind leaves contain stexin, iovitexin, and isoorientin.

Benefits of tamarind

Containing vitamins and nutrients, tamarind is used as herbal medicine. Not only the fruit, the leaves and outer seed coat of tamarind can also be used as herbal medicine.

Here are the benefits of tamarind for body health.

1. Treating coughs

Cough is one of the common diseases suffered by people. Cough can attack anyone, anytime.

Tamarind is believed to be effective in treating coughs. To feel the benefits, you only need to prepare 10 grams of tamarind meat.

You brew tamarind meat with a glass of hot water and drink with brown sugar. You drink this herbal concoction once a day.

2. Medication for ulcers

Tamarind leaves can be a herbal medicine for ulcers. How to make this herbal medicine is quite easy.

You mash the leaves of tamarind and turmeric to taste. You mash until smooth then stick it on the boil.

You can give these herbs regularly until the boil heals.

3. Indigestion

You must feel uncomfortable when you suffer from indigestion. For those of you who are reluctant to take chemical drugs, tamarind bark can be the solution.

You just need to brew 1-2 grams of ground cinnamon bark in a glass of hot water. You take these herbal medicines regularly once a day.

4. Tartar

The tartar makes the teeth unsightly. Generally, people clean tartar by visiting a dentist.

For those of you who do not have time to spend to the dentist, tamarind seeds can be the solution.

You roast tamarind seeds until dry then mash until smooth. after that you put tamarind seed powder on the toothbrush. You rub it on the tartar.

5. Prevent hair loss

Hair is everyone’s crown. Having beautiful, thick hair and free fall is the dream of many women.

Tamarind is believed to be effective in preventing hair loss. The trick, you mix the tamarind seeds that have been ripe with a little water.

After that, apply it on the surface of the scalp and massage. Then, you wash your scalp with shampoo and get it clean.

6. Rheumatism

Rheumatism is one of the common diseases suffered by people in this country. Tamarind leaves can treat your rheumatism.

You grind until smooth the leaves of tamarind and turmeric. Then, you brew the ingredients with a little hot water.

You put these herbal ingredients on the part that feels pain. You can give these herbs regularly until the rheumatism heals.

7. Thrush medicine

Tamarind has anti-bacterial properties. This is what makes tamarind believed to be effective in treating canker sores.

You mix tamarind fruit and tamarind peel powder with water then stir until blended. After that you use gargle.

As information, pregnant women should not consume ripe tamarind fruit because it is not good for health.

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