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This is the benefit of scorpion poison which is the most expensive commodity

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Lately, the scorpion poison is being discussed by the Indonesian people.

All of this started with President Jokowi’s speech at the opening of the National Development Planning Conference on April 30 2018.

In his opening speech, Jokowi said that scorpion poison was the most expensive commodity.

President Jokowi said that the Scorpion poison is valued at around US $ 10.5 million (around 146 billion) per liter.

Quoted by Grid.ID’s Facebook Science Nature Page account, the Scorpion venom contains 5 million unknown compounds.

Scorpion venom is also useful in the medical world. The protein present in the poison exhibits antimicrobial activity.

Besides that, what are the benefits of scorpion poison for human life?

Check out the following Grid.ID review.

1. Pain relievers

In a study released in 2013, it turned out that scorpion venom contains substances that can be used as painkillers.

Experts from the American Friends of Tel Aviv University also say that the action of this poison is similar to morphine.

The peptide venom found in scorpion venom interacts with sodium channels in the nervous system and muscles to relieve pain.

2. Prevent heart transplant failure

Some patients with heart disease are advised by doctors to perform transplants.

However, having a heart transplant carries a very high risk for the patient.

Fortunately, experts have now found a drug made from scorpion venom.

This drug is said to prevent the risk of heart transplant failure.

3. Natural pesticides

Scorpion venom can also be used as a natural pesticide, you know.

Of course, these pesticides are more environmentally friendly than chemical pesticides made by factories.

Because it contains poison, all types of pests on the plant will die.

4. Medicine for lupus

Lupus is a chronic disease caused by the body’s immune system.

The immune system, which normally protects the body, turns to attack.

This is what causes the sufferer’s organ damage.

Well, apparently scorpion poison can also be a medicine to cure lupus.

5. Rheumatic drugs

In the venom of scorpions is also found a substance called Iberiotoxin.

According to experts, Iberiotoxin is a powerful drug to cure rheumatism.

6. Helping cancer treatment

Scorpion venom is considered a natural source of cancer therapy.

Scientists at the University of Illinois have even practiced healing therapy for breast cancer patients with this poison.

The result, the patient can recover from cancer after routine treatment.

7. Prevent malaria

In 2011, researchers from the University of Maryland found the right drug to eliminate malaria.

When traced, it seems that this potent drug contains scorpion poison.

8. Remove tumors

To cure a tumor, doctors usually recommend surgery.

Even after surgery, sometimes the tumor remains in the patient’s body.

Now, doctors have found a way to completely remove tumors, namely with scorpion venom.

The doctor will use a synthetic material as additional iodine to clean any tumor cells left after surgery.

Wow, there are also many uses for this poison.

How, intending to invest in this field?

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