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This is the benefit of red ginger as an herbal medicine that you should know

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Red ginger is popular as a spice that has many health benefits. Here are the benefits of red ginger as a herbal medicine that you must know.

Red ginger, one of the most popular spices in Indonesia. Red ginger has a spicy taste and is warm.

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Generally, red ginger is consumed by brewing it with hot water. Red ginger wedges are delicious to drink at night or when the air is cold.

Because, red ginger can warm your body. Just so you know, red ginger is not only useful for warming the body but also as an herbal medicine.

Launching from a book entitled Medicinal Plants and Their Benefits, by Arief Hariana, red ginger contains gingerol, limonene, aspartic, caprylic acid, capsaicin, chlorogenic acid, and farnesol.

Not only that, red ginger has a pharmacological effect on slowing down the aging process and stimulating skin cell regeneration.

This is what makes red ginger very useful as an herbal medicine.

Benefits of red ginger as an herbal medicine

Herbal medicine has become an idol for some people in Indonesia. The reason is, herbal medicines are considered safer to consume and have minimal side effects.

Red ginger has been widely used in the world of herbal medicine since time immemorial. Of all the parts of the ginger plant, ginger rhizome is widely used as herbal medicine.

Here are the benefits of red ginger as an herbal medicine

1. Chronic dry cough

Red ginger contains essential oils that can relieve coughs. To get the benefits, you can eat small red ginger directly three times a day.

Try to chew the red ginger until it’s soft and pour the red ginger water.

2. Medication for itching, abrasions, and wounds caused by sharp weapons

Many factors make the surface of the skin itchy, one of which is due to insect bites.

Instead of continuing to scratch the itchy skin, you can treat it by placing a mixture of finely ground red ginger and onion on the surface of the itchy skin.

You can apply these herbal ingredients regularly until the itching disappears. Apart from treating itching, this herbal medicine is also effective in healing abrasions and bleeding wounds caused by sharp weapons.

3. Increase endurance

Red ginger is believed to increase the immune system, aka endurance. To get the benefits, you can prepare some of the ingredients below.

  • 20 grams of red ginger
  • Temulawak 20 grams
  • Lempuyang fragrant 20 grams
  • 10 grams of coriander seeds

How to make

You wash thoroughly the red ginger, ginger, and fragrant lempuyang. After that you dry all the ingredients.

Next, you mash all the ingredients until smooth or turn into a powder.

You brew one tablespoon of the herbal medicine powder with 1/2 cup of hot water. You can add honey and mix well then drink immediately. You can take this herbal medicine twice a day.

4. Strong drugs

One of the benefits of red ginger is to increase sexual desire. Red ginger can be a solution for those of you who don’t want to take strong chemical drugs.

How to make this herbal medicine is quite easy, here are the ingredients and how to make it.


  • 10 grams of red ginger
  • 10 grams of chives seeds
  • 10 grams of dried bitter melon seeds
  • 15 grains of pepper
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar.
  • 2 glasses of water

How to make

You grind red ginger, chives, bitter melon seeds, pepper, and brown sugar. After that, you boil all of these ingredients in two cups of water until it boils and leave one glass of water aside.

You take the herbal medicine while warm. You can take this herbal medicine twice a day with the same dose.

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