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This is the benefit of persimmon consumption for health

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Not only delicious, persimmon fruit is rich in health benefits for your body.

Persimmon fruit is identical to the white powder that coats the surface of the fruit. Although the appearance of the fruit is not pretty, the persimmon taste is quite delicious.

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The flesh of the persimmon fruit is rich in water, soft, crunchy, and sweet. Generally, persimmons are consumed directly. However, not a few people use persimmons as fruit to decorate cakes.

Persimmon fruit is quite easy to find in traditional markets as well as modern markets. The price of persimmons is relatively cheap.

Not beautiful, persimmon fruit contains quite a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Quoting from the book Magic Juices to Kill Various Diseases by Dr. Rusilanti, Msi, persimmon fruit contains vitamins B1, B2, C, Calcium, Phosphorus, iron, and Niacin.

This content is what makes persimmon fruit believed to cure a number of diseases.

Persimmon as a herbal medicine
Persimmons are not as popular as apples. However, persimmon fruit is no less beneficial than other fruits.

In fact, persimmon fruit can be a remedy for several types of diseases. Are you curious?

Here are the benefits of persimmon as an herbal medicine.

1. Lowering high blood pressure

High blood pressure affects quite a lot of people. High blood pressure should not be ignored, because this condition can lead to chronic diseases such as stroke and heart disease.

High blood pressure is caused by a number of factors, some of which are too much alcohol consumption, obesity, and not exercising regularly.

Persimmon fruit can lower high blood pressure. This is because persimmons contain potassium which plays a role in controlling blood pressure in the body.

In addition, persimmon can prevent hardening of the arteries. Regular consumption of persimmon is useful for controlling blood pressure in the body.

2. Lower cholesterol levels

High cholesterol levels lead to disease complications. Quoting from the book Fruit & Vegetable Juice Therapy by dr. Titi Sekarindah, MS, SP GK and Hartin Rozaline, persimmon can reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Just so you know, persimmon contains polyphenols which can lower cholesterol levels.

3. Prevent and cure diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus or what is often called diabetes, is a dangerous disease. The polyphenol content in persimmons plays a role in increasing insulin production in the body.

This is what makes persimmon believed to be effective at lowering blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of persimmons can keep you from the risk of suffering from diabetes mellitus.

4. Diarrhea medication

A person will feel weak when suffering from diarrhea. Generally, sufferers take anti-diarrheal drugs to treat their ailments.

Based on the book Benefits of Fruits: Benefits of Fruits by Dayat Suryana, persimmons can treat diarrhea.

To feel the benefits, you boil two pieces of dried persimmon, stir until they become pureed.

After that, you add lime juice and sticky rice. You consume this concoction of persimmon three times a day.

5. Cough medicine

Cough can attack anyone, anytime. Persimmons are rich in tannins which act as cough medicine.

If you want to eat persimmons, you should buy persimmons that are ripe or have yellow skin.

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