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This is the benefit of the Governor of Lampung's version of the JSS project

Reporter: Fahriyadi | Editor: Asnil Amri

JAKARTA. The construction of the Sunda Strait Bridge (JSS) megaproject is claimed to be a big hope for the people of Lampung and Sumatra. At least, this is a claim made by the Governor of Lampung, Sjachroedin ZP in Jakarta Monday (11/11).

According to him, the benefits of the bridge in Sumatra are quite large. This is because Sumatra contributes 23.7% of the national economy, from natural products such as coal, rubber, oil palm, pepper and so on to be distributed outside Sumatra.

Meanwhile, the benefit for Lampung province itself is that it can unravel congestion due to queues of vehicles at the Bakauheni port road access. He estimates, losses due to congestion reach Rp 60 billion per day.

The number of vehicles that pass every year has increased. According to him, in 2007 there were around 1.3 million vehicles passing, and in 2013 it increased to 2.1 million vehicles or grew 8.11% per year.

The Head of the Lampung Province Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda), Tonny OL Tobing added, if the JSS is built, it will open up many jobs in Lampung and its surroundings.

This is because many industrial potentials in Banten have crossed over to Lampung for various reasons. “One more thing, Lampung has extraordinary appeal as a tourist and recreation area,” he said.

Tonny said, with the JSS, Jakarta residents have other options besides the peak area as their vacation destination due to the faster travel time factor.

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