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This is the benefit of the Farm Card for farmers and banks

Reporter: Elisabeth Adventa | Editor: Rizki Caturini

The Farmers Card, which was recently distributed to 21 districts / cities in Central Java Province last week, is expected to provide significant benefits to farmers. Sigit Rusdianto, a chili farmer from Temanggung, Central Java, said that Kartu Tani can provide maximum benefits for small farmers whose needs for subsidized fertilizers are high.

Each farmer has their own fertilizer subsidy quota, according to the Group Needs Basic Plan (RDKK). Sigit explained that with the Tani Card, farmers are invited to design more mature land management. The use of fertilizers has its own dosage, depending on the area of ​​land, the type, and the number of commodities to be planted.

“So far, what has happened is that the distribution of subsidized fertilizers is not controlled. In the end, farmers who should be in need have difficulty finding subsidized fertilizers,” he said last week.

For Sigit, the benefits of Kartu Tani in the agricultural business are indeed insignificant, only about 5% of the total land management budget. However, for farmers with limited land and capital, Kartu Tani can support around 25% to 30%. Apart from the distribution of subsidized fertilizers, the farmer card holder is also entitled to get insurance if the harvest fails. The maximum amount of compensation paid is IDR 6 million.

The most important thing from the Tani Card program is the data collection of farmers. If the government and banks have clear data on commodities, land area, and harvest time, events such as soaring commodity prices can be minimized. In addition, the issue of providing People’s Business Credit (KUR) to farmers is guaranteed to be easier because the bank has clear data.

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