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This is the benefit of cereal for the body

JAKARTA. Cereal is often the people’s choice as a substitute for rice for breakfast.

Various benefits are claimed to be obtained from cereals ranging from energy sources, preventing cancer and lowering blood sugar. In addition, cereal is a menu that is right for someone who wants to go on a diet.

In the general view of society, cereal food comes from wheat. In fact, cereals or cereals are a type of food group that comes from seeds or grains.

Apart from wheat, other foods such as grains and corn can be categorized as cereals.

Wardina Humayrah, one independent nutritionist said, cereal products are synonymous with wheat because of the influence of brand imported treats from Europe or the United States.

“Generally, this cereal food product is introduced as a processed extrusion product for breakfast,” Wardina said.

According to Wardina, the World Food Organization or Food Agricultural Organization (FAO) has long recommended cereals as staple foods in various worlds.

This is because cereals contain important sources of nutrients needed for the body, such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Apart from being rich in nutrients, cereals are also easy to produce and distribute. Cereals can also be stored in the long term without reducing nutritional content and are cheap. Hence, cereal products are important as a daily intake.

When measured using the glycemic index, cereals are included in the category of low-content foods so they tend to take longer to digest.

On the bright side, slowing absorption does not directly raise blood sugar levels.

Low glycemic index foods can improve glucose and fat levels in diabetes mellitus patients.

Although there are many brands of cereals on the market, not all cereals meet the nutritional standards that the body needs.

The best cereals to eat are the ones with the most fiber. “So, don’t choose cereals carelessly,” said a nutritionist from the University of Indonesia, Ahmad Syafiq.

Ahmad said, there are several things that must be considered when eating cereals, especially instant products. The trick is to pay attention to the product packaging label.

“We have to be able to sort out which cereals have the lowest sugar and salt content,” Ahmad explained.


Like rice, cereal products can also be eaten three times a day. It’s just that the portion of cereal between morning, lunch and dinner is not the same.

Ideally, a person eats more cereal in the morning. Because, when starting the day, humans need energy to do activities all day long.

Meanwhile, at night, you should eat less cereal than during the day.

“Of course, choose cereals with complex carbohydrates in order to feel the effect of being full longer so that you can avoid excessive hunger,” added Wardina.

In consuming cereal, it can be combined with other foods such as fruits or vegetables. Origin, the portions are balanced.

Of course, before eating cereal with other foods, you must first look at the calorie count. If the cereal products consumed have a high enough calorie content, you should not need additional consumption of other foods.

The high size is if the calorie content exceeds one meal, which is ± 350 kcal. Except for someone who will be doing strenuous physical activity or exercising.

“We recommend that you add the proportion of protein sources such as eggs or nuts,” said Wardina.

Not only paying attention to calorie levels, cereal connoisseurs must also calculate the sugar and fat content on the nutrition labels on cereal product packages.

Per serving of cereal should not contain more than 5 grams of sugar. Good cereals are also low in sodium, no more than 200 mg per serving.