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This is the benefit of Adira's workshop uniformity program

Reporter: Tendi Mahadi | Editor: Dessy Rosalina

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. To improve services to motor vehicle insurance customers, PT Asuransi Adira Dinamika aka Adira Insurance held a 2017 Autocillin Anchor Garage Standardization program. The company claims there are a number of benefits that partner workshops will get if you join this program.

Operation Center Cervice and Claim Division Head of Adira Insurance Andrianus Suprastio said that one of them is that the partner workshop will be a priority for his party in recommending workshops to vehicle insurance customers who submit claims.

So later there will be a minimum order for vehicles that Adira Insurance promised to repair at the workshop. “And this agreement is also carried out in the long term,” he said, Wednesday (18/10).

In addition, the company will also conduct routine training for human resources in partner workshops participating in this program.

Standardization Autocillin Anchor Garage 2017 itself is a uniform program for all partner workshops. Starting from the service management for workshop officers, the work process, to the side of the room arrangement. So that Autocillin product customers who submit claims will get services that are as good as those provided by authorized workshops.

To participate in this program, he admits that the repair shop also has to invest, of course, including in improving existing facilities. But with the promised minimum order, he claims the partner repair shop will quickly return on investment. “Our count is in three to four years already break even point, “he said.

This program itself is prioritized to partner workshops that are not official workshops. Where he mentioned that at least 150 Adira Insurance partner workshops were included in this status.

With so many partner workshops, if you say this program will be boosted gradually. The target is that next year, there is at least one workshop participating in every major city in Indonesia.

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