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These are 4 benefits of brotowali to treat a number of diseases

KONTAN.CO.ID – Brotowali is a type of medicinal plant that contains many chemical compounds and is efficacious to cure various diseases. The content of medicinal chemical compounds is found in all parts of the plant, from the roots of the stems to the leaves.

In general, the Brotowali plant contains various chemical compounds including alkaloids, soft resin, starch, glycosides, picroretosides, harsa, bitter substance pikroretin, tinocrisposid, berberine, palmatin, columbine, and kaokulin or picrotoxin.

While brotowali root contains compounds antimicrobial berberine and columbine. So, what are the benefits of Brotowali for health?

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Brotowali benefits for health

Quoting from a book entitled Benefits & Benefits of the Bitter Brotowali that Heals, by Budi Kresnady & Tim Lentera, there are a number of benefits of Brotowali to cure diseases. The following include:

1. Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus, known as diabetes or diabetes, is a condition that occurs due to insulin deficiency.

Insulin deficiency is caused by disruption of the body’s metabolic processes. Based on the compounds contained in Brotowali, this plant can be used as an antidiabetic.

Antidiabetic is a medicine for diabetes or diabetes.

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2. Lowering fever or fever

The content in Brotowali also makes this plant have properties antipyretic. Character antipyretic cause brotowali efficacious in reducing heat or fever.

Brotowali stems are widely used to treat stomach pain (diarrhea), fever, jaundice, lumbago, and intestinal worms.

3. Relieves pain

Bitter compound tinocrisposid which was isolated from the methanol extract of the brotowali stem furanoditerpene glycosides.

In a study using white rats, the results showed that the pain suffered by these rats was reduced after being given brotowali extract.

4. Reducing inflammation

Brotowali extract also has anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, brotowali can also be used as an external medicine, for example scabies, as well as cleaning the ulcer.