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These 4 benefits of apples you should not ignore

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. There are many ways you can eat apples. Starting from eating it directly or processing it in other forms. The following benefits of apples come from the abundance of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and other nutrients.

Lowering Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

You can avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease by eating apples regularly. The fiber in apples is useful for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure which is closely related to heart health.

Quoting from Everyday Health (everydayhealth.com), the fiber in apples is useful for preventing cholesterol buildup in the walls of blood vessels. This means that blood flow can be smoother and the risk of heart disease decreases.

When the blood flow in the body is smooth, your blood pressure is also more stable. Not only that, the results of research show that eating apples regularly can reduce the risk of stroke by 52%.

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Promotes Digestive System Health

Apart from maintaining the health of your heart, the fiber in apples is also useful for improving the health of your digestive system. Soluble fiber can slow digestion and absorption of glucose.

This means that you can be full longer and your blood sugar levels are better controlled. Meanwhile, insoluble fiber functions to move food in the digestive system so that you can defecate more smoothly.

Increase the Immune System

Another benefit of apples mentioned by Everyday Health is its ability to boost the body’s immune system. This is due to the large amount of vitamin C in apples.

According to a study, vitamin C can increase the body’s immune system by strengthening the epithelial. Epithelial tissue is a type of tissue that fights oxidative stress (pollution or radiation) pathogens that cause disease.

Lose weight

One of the benefits of apples is that they can be used for weight loss.

If you are losing weight, there is nothing wrong with including apples in your daily healthy diet. As already said, apples are useful for slowing down digestion and absorption of glucose.

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If you feel full longer, your chances of eating other foods that add weight may decrease. A person who consumes more fiber loses weight.

A study showed that obese women lost 1.22 kg of weight after consuming three apples for 12 weeks. This is because in an apple, there are only 95 calories.

Editor: Belladina Biananda