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The Jamkesmas and Jamkesda benefits packages are not the same

Reporter: Riendy Astria | Editor: Rizki Caturini

JAKARTA. The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) admitted that the Public Health Insurance (Jemkesmas) and Regional Health Insurance (Jamkesda) programs have not been running optimally. One problem is that the benefits packages received by Jamkesmas participants and Jamkesda participants are still not the same.

The Minister of Health, Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, said that there were many things that were not evenly distributed, such as the distribution of Human Resources (HR), unequal socialization, and unequal provision of facilities and infrastructure.

“Also, the package of benefits received by Jamkesmas participants is different from those received by Jamkesda participants,” said Endang in a joint working meeting with Commission IX DPR RI, Monday (21/11).

Jamkesda is currently not able to serve certain diseases such as hemodialysis, cancer, and several other diseases. This caused many Jamkesda participants to be unable to exercise their rights to get health services.

In addition, Endang also said that there are still many shortcomings from the Jamkesmas program. Starting from the lack of beds in hospitals and health centers, to poor organization, resulting in overlaps.

For this reason, the Ministry of Health will use the additional budget that has been included in the 2012 State Budget of Rp. 1.5 trillion plus Rp. 50 billion for the optimization of education to support the Jamkesmas, Jamkesda and Jampersal programs. “Such as strengthening services at the hospital, adding grade 3, additional emergency room, additional ICU, and improving nutritional status,” continued Endang.

Initially, the 2012 Ministry of Health budget was Rp. 2.8 trillion, then the APBN-P received an additional Rp. 1.5 trillion to Rp. 29 trillion. Later the budget will be distributed in various regions. The use of the additional funds is also for outreach to the regions so that Jamkesda has the same benefit package as Jamkesmas, although there are still many shortcomings of the Jamkesmas program.

Member of Commission IX DPR RI, Endang Syarwan Hamid, said that the ministry of health should cooperate with the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) to pressure regional heads to provide proper health services or Jamkesda to the community.

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