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The health benefits of mangkokan leaves are rarely known

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Mangkokan leaves are not only beautiful as an ornamental plant but also rich in health benefits. Here are the benefits of mangkokan leaves for health.

Mangkokan tree, a shrub that is usually used as an ornamental plant in the home page. Not surprisingly, the mangkokan tree has green bowl-like leaves.

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Mangkokan trees are not only beautiful as ornamental plants. Mangkokan is a Family Medicinal Plant (TOGA).

Launched a book entitled 262 Medicinal Plants and Their Benefits, by Drs. H. Arief Hariana, the mangkokan tree contains vitamins A, C, and B.

Not only that, the mangkokan tree also contains alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, polyphenols, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

The mangkokan tree has anti-inflammatory, arterial, and anti-loss pharmacological effects.

Benefits of mangkokan for health

Of all the plants, the roots and leaves of the thick mangkokan are used as herbal medicine.

Here are the benefits of mangkokan leaves for your health.

1. Swelling and smooth milk

Mangkokan leaves are good for consumption by new mothers. Because, mangkokan leaves are useful for smoothing breast milk.

Not only that, but mangkokan leaves can also treat breast engorgement.

If you want to feel the benefits, you should prepare old mangkokan leaves, head oil, and grated turmeric.

You squeeze mangkokan leaves and add the oil and grated turmeric. After that, you heat all the ingredients mixed on the fire.

You put this herbal concoction on the surface of the swollen breast.

2. Difficulty urinating

You are among those who have difficulty urinating? Mangkokan leaves can be the solution.

Mangkokan leaves have a deuretic pharmacological effect, aka pee laxative.

To feel the benefits, you boil 25 grams of mangkokan leaves with one liter of water.

You boil the mangkokan leaves until they boil and leave the water half. You divide the boiled water of mangkokan leaves equally and drink it twice a day.

3. Hair loss

Hair is a crown for men and women. Most people want to have beautiful, fall-free hair.

Mangkokan leaves have anti-fall (hair) pharmacological effects. Mangkokan leaves are a solution for those of you who are reluctant to use chemical drugs to treat hair loss.

You cut into small pieces 25 grams of fresh mangkokan leaves and add coconut oil. You knead all the ingredients until they come together and take the water.

You rub the mangkokan leaf water and coconut oil on the surface of the scalp while massaging it.

4. The smell of sweat

Mangkokan leaves can be a solution for those of you who have complaints of bad sweat odor.

To feel the benefits, you just need to boil 13 grams of fresh mangkokan leaves with three glasses of water. You boil until boiling and leave two glasses of water.

You drink boiled water of mangkokan leaves twice a day each one glass.

5. Wounds

Mangkokan leaves are also useful for treating wounds. You just have to mash the mangkokan leaves until they are smooth and then apply it on top of the injured skin.

You apply the leaves of mangkokan toga times a day so that the wound heals quickly.

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