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The government is targeting 800,000 families to receive integrated PKH benefits in 2019

Reporter: Yudho Winarto | Editor: Yudho Winarto

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The government is targeting 8% of the total Beneficiary Families (KPM) participating in the Integrated Family Hope Program (PKH) by 2019. Of the total number of participants of 10 million families, it is targeted that 800 thousand families will be eliminated.

“The target that comes out, those who graduate from PKH this year, or we encourage graduation to 800 thousand out of 10 million (PKH participants). To graduation, of course, with complementary programs, such as KUBE (joint business group) and so on. So we will increase it. , “said Social Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita in his statement during the distribution of social assistance in Boyolali, Friday (1/2).

In 2018, there were 600 thousand PKH participants throughout Indonesia who graduated. Agus Gumiwang explained that the increase in the number of PKH participant independent graduations was in line with the government’s determination to reduce the poverty rate to below 9.5%.

For this reason, the Ministry of Social Affairs is increasing the implementation of family capacity building meetings (P2K2) or Family Development Session (FDS).

“The activity is carried out massively by PKH facilitators to each KPM. The facilitator directs KPM to take advantage of PKH assistance for their needs,” said Agus.

Agus said that the number of KPMs that have been prosperous or graduated continues to increase. In 2017 there were 230,351 KPM or 2.3% of the total 6 million participants graduated. In 2018 there were 621,789 KPM or 6.21% graduation from 10 million KPM. Meanwhile, in 2019 the target is 800,000 or 8% graduation from 10 million KPM.

The target of increasing the number of integrated KPM is very realistic considering that the aid index and FDS are also being improved, “added the Minister of Social Affairs.

According to Agus, this year’s PKH distribution system was also changed from being flat to non-flat. In 2019, we will look at the components of the burden on the beneficiary families.

“We adjust the components for justice, because what we see now is the burden per family, so we have to adjust the distribution system,” said Agus.

Meanwhile, the Director of Family Social Security for the Ministry of Social Affairs, Nur Pujianto, said that the amount of PKH social assistance received by Boyolali district was Rp. 56,232,250,000 consisting of PKH social assistance of Rp. 49,374,300,000 for 40,189 families and non-cash food assistance of Rp. 6,857,950,000 for 62,345 families.

Meanwhile, the Social Assistance for Central Java in phase 1 amounted to Rp. 2,031,670,730,000 consisting of PKH Social Assistance for 1,747,451,300,000 for 1,449,066 families and non-cash food assistance of Rp. 284,219,430,000 for 2,583,813 families.

Nur Pujianto added that the realization of PKH distribution until January 30 reached 83.50% and BPNT 90.88% in the first stage. “The distribution has been carried out simultaneously since mid-January,” he added.

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