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The complete benefits of eating brown rice

Jakarta. Consumption of brown rice has become a trend in a number of circles. Generally, people only know that brown rice is low in calories so that it supports the diet program.

However, there are still many main benefits of consuming brown rice. Here are the details, as reported by Magforwomen.com:

1. Nutritious

Brown rice is a grain that comes from the same plant as white rice. However, brown rice is more nutritious because it lacks several layers of grain like white rice.

2. Rich in fiber

Since the bran and nutrients in brown rice are far from being processed, they tend to make the rice richer in fiber. Foods that contain high fiber are known to be effective against various infectious diseases.

3. Rich in minerals

Brown rice is a great source of minerals, such as manganese, magnesium and selenium. Adequate manganese intake promotes a healthy nervous system. It also helps produce cholesterol which is used to produce sex hormones.

4. Reduce weight

All the ingredients in brown rice help maintain a healthy weight. Researchers reveal, women who eat whole grains and foods rich in fiber, tend to rarely weigh body.

5. Lower bad cholesterol

Rice bran oil derived from brown rice bran is a source of special compounds that lower cholesterol levels in the body. Studies show that eating brown rice regularly can help lower bad cholesterol and maintain good cholesterol.

6. Prevent breast cancer

Research also shows that a diet high in fiber and whole grains helps prevent breast cancer in women. Brown rice contains both, so regular consumption of brown rice will keep breast cancer at bay.

7. Helps prevent gallstones

Brown rice also contains insoluble fiber, which can help prevent gallstones. Research reveals that soluble fiber reduces the secretion of bile acids, which are a major contributor to gallstones.

(Monalisa Darwin D)