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The characteristics of coconut trees that need to be known, plants with fruit rich in benefits

The characteristics of coconut trees that need to be known, plants with fruit rich in benefitsCoconut illustration. Shutterstock / Mukesh Kumar

Merdeka.com – As a country with a tropical climate, head plants are a type of plant that is familiar and commonly found in Indonesia. Plants that have tall stems usually grow on the coast. However, coconut trees can also grow in plantation areas and even in residential areas.

It can be said that the head tree is a plant that has unique characteristics. Starting from the shape of the stems that grow tall and towering, the shape of long, parallel leaves that are different from other plants, to the fruit that has a multi-layered structure. When viewed as a whole, coconut trees have a beautiful shape.

Not only that, there are other coconut tree characteristics that are no less unique. It is known that coconut tree trunks are the same size from bottom to tip. It is different from other tree species which tend to have a wider trunk diameter at the bottom then tapering off to the end.

The various characteristics of this unique head tree are indeed interesting to watch. Especially when you are interested in coconut cultivation. That way, you need to understand some information about the characteristics of the following coconut trees. This can be a general knowledge or insight capital before you start a coconut cultivation business.

Reporting from the Botanical Online site, the following merdeka.com summarizes the characteristics of coconut trees and some other information you need to know.

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