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The benefits of the one million houses program for the community

Source: rumahku.com | Editor: Rizki Caturini

JAKARTA. The year 2015 has indeed provided a bright spot for people who want to have a decent home. That year the government launched the One Million Houses Program. This program is indeed an attempt by the government to provide decent housing for the community, especially as the population in Indonesia increases, the need for housing is getting higher.

To meet the growing needs of community housing, the government not only offers a million houses program, but the government provides the FLPP program. This FLPP will make it easier for people belonging to low income groups to have proper housing. Since it was declared the president, this program has received positive responses and results.

Types of housing built include sites and flat. The construction of this unit is spread from Aceh to Papua. The government is indeed very optimistic about building one million houses, as a society we should also support this program, especially if you have always wanted to own a house but you have very limited capital.

The existence of this program clearly provides benefits for the community, so, what are the benefits?

It’s easy to get home

So far, people have complained about the complicated process and large down payments to get a house, now this problem can be overcome because of this program because the government will make it easy for people who have low incomes. A loan interest rate of 5% with a term of 20 years will certainly be very profitable.

The existence of a livable house

Maybe you often see houses that are in unsuitable locations such as on railways or houses that are close to power lines. This location that endangers safety certainly makes the house unfit for habitation, especially since there are building materials that are also inadequate.

The need for a place to live is the main need, therefore to realize this program with quality according to standards, the government is serious about working on it.

People’s welfare increases

The government is always trying to make new breakthroughs and implement various subsidy programs for the community to improve their welfare. One of them is this program to improve people’s welfare.

Source: Rumahku.com

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