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The benefits of drinking warm water in the morning

JAKARTA. When you wake up in the morning, what do you usually drink? a cup of hot coffee, hot tea or maybe cold water? The choice of the type of drink really depends on each taste. However, did you know that drinking a glass of warm water when you wake up has many benefits?

As reported from the page Life HackStella Metsovas, a clinical nutritionist and health expert in food science and nutrition, said drinking warm water in the morning, or added with a polyphenol-rich lemon infusion or tea, has been shown to reduce free radical activity in the body.

“Drinking warm water increases intestinal tightening, and this can aid digestion and regulate bowel movements,” says Metsovas.

In addition, drinking warm water when you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach has seven good benefits for the body, seven of which are.

1. Prevent premature aging

The presence of toxins in the body can make aging a reality faster. When our body accumulates toxins, it becomes susceptible to disease and aging. Warm water in this case can help rid the body of toxins. In addition, it can help improve the condition of skin cells which can lead to increased elasticity of your skin.

2. Reducing pain

A powerful natural remedy for reducing pain from menstrual cramps is warm water. It relaxes the abdominal muscles and helps relieve menstrual pain. In addition, warm water is an effective remedy for all types of cramps as it improves capillary circulation and helps relax the muscles in the body.

3. Lose weight

You may have heard, drinking warm water in the morning can help you lose weight. It turns out that this is true. Warm water increases your body temperature, which in turn, increases your metabolic rate. Increased metabolic activity gives the body the ability to burn more calories throughout the day.

Warm water with lemon also controls the desire to eat, because lemons contain pectin fiber.

4. Improve digestion

A glass of warm water stimulates your digestive system and helps your body digest food faster.

5. Improve blood circulation

A glass of warm water on an empty stomach is also believed to flush out toxins which in turn help blood circulation. Warm water also has a relaxing effect, helps loosen muscles, eliminates poor circulation, and improves blood flow.

6. Reduces constipation

Many of you have experienced the uncomfortable and annoying effects of constipation. This common stomach problem occurs when a person has little or no bowel movements. Often, the cause is a lack of water in the body. Before you eat anything, consume a glass of warm water to help improve your bowel movements, so that “back affairs” are smoother.

7. Speed ​​up sleepiness at night

Drinking warm water after a meal, especially at dinner and before bed, will help your body relax and calm your nerves. This can help induce sleep. (Iwan Supriyatna)