– The beauty of aglonema flowers has captivated the hearts of many people. Plants that have various types are very suitable to be used as home decorations or gifts. Starting from aglonema thistle, modestum, cutlass, nitidum, emerald bay to red gold.

The price also varies, depending on the characteristics and privileges of each type. But what you definitely have to remember is how to care for aglonema flowers to keep them healthy and not wither quickly.

Not just maintaining its appearance, caring for aglonema flowers also provides many benefits for you, you know. The freshness of this plant will add to the beautiful side of your home environment.

In addition, the beautiful color will spoil the eyes when looking at it. Another advantage, you can also channel your hobby while using your time positively.

But not only that, you know, there are still other benefits that are stored when you treat aglonema at home. Want to know anything?