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The amount of benefits from the job loss insurance program has been agreed in the RPP

ILLUSTRATION. The government is still discussing the Draft Government Regulation (RPP) for Job Loss Guarantee.

Reporter: Lidya Yuniartha | Editor: Khomarul Hidayat

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The government is still discussing the Draft Government Regulation (RPP) for Job Loss Guarantee. Even though it is still under discussion, the Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) has confirmed that several things have been agreed upon, one of which is the amount of benefits the program will receive.

“We have agreed on several issues, such as the amount of benefits: cash, training and access to work information which will later be covered in the State Budget,” Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower Anwar Sanusi told cash, Tuesday (12/1).

According to him, the parties who receive these benefits are those who experience termination of employment (PHK) for reasons that are in accordance with the Job Creation Law.

As is known, the Job Creation Law states that job loss guarantees in the form of cash, access to job market information, and job training are given a maximum of 6 (six) months of wages, which are received by participants after having a certain membership period.

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Anwar also said, explaining the amount of benefits that will be received by workers who are laid off later.

“Magnitude for cash benefit approximately 45% of the last reported wages. Meanwhile, the training cost unit is still being discussed to determine the unit cost per participant for reskilling, “explained Anwar.

Even so, Anwar also explained, workers would not get cash around 45% of their last wages every month for 6 months. He said the concept set was for workers to get cash at the rate of 45% of the last wage per month for 3 months, and 25% for the next 3 months.

He said, the determination of cash giving of 45% of the last salary was not carried out for 6 months because he hoped that the worker would be able to get a job.

Even though there are several issues that have been agreed upon in this RPP, Anwar also mentioned other issues that are still being discussed are related to sanctions as well as the supervision scheme for JKP.

“Currently the team is working continuously to quickly resolve these various issues,” said Anwar.

Anwar also said that the derivative regulation of the Job Creation Law is targeted to be completed in February the same as other RPPs.

Meanwhile, funding sources for the job loss insurance program are still being discussed, particularly those related to the recomposition of social security program contributions.

Confirmed separately, Deputy Director for Public Relations and Inter-Agency BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, Irvansyah Utoh Banja, said that the issue of job loss guarantees is still being discussed. “It’s still in the process of discussing the regulations,” said Irvansyah.

As is known, in the Job Creation Law, the source of funding for job loss guarantees comes from the government’s initial capital, recomposition of social security program contributions and / or BPJS Ketenagakerjaan operational funds.

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