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Ten health benefits of drinking warm water regularly

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. We are constantly reminded of the importance of drinking enough water up to about eight glasses a day. However, maybe not many people know that drinking warm water can actually bring more benefits if we do it regularly.

Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine even believes that starting the day with a glass of warm water can help smoothen the digestive system and provide a number of health benefits. Some researchers have found that warm water can clear nasal congestion and make us feel calmer.

It is recommended to drink warm water after every meal or drink it at least three to four times a week on a regular basis. Many people take it as a holistic treatment. So, what are the further benefits of consuming warm water?

1. Streamlining digestion

Drinking warm water is believed to be able to soothe and activate the digestive tract. This is because the digestive organs will be better hydrated and able to eliminate waste more quickly as warm water flows through the stomach and intestines.

In addition, warm water also acts as a lubricant that can facilitate digestion itself.

2. Treating constipation

One of the stomach problems that many people experience due to lack of water is constipation. Constipation is caused by a buildup of waste in the intestines which reduces the work of the large intestinal tract. Constipation makes it difficult for people to pass stool. Even for some people, bowel movements are very painful.

Drink a glass of warm water in the morning to treat constipation and increase the work of the colon. Drinking warm water can help the intestines to contract and remove waste from the body.

3. Relieves nasal congestion

The warm steam from hot water can help relieve nasal congestion headaches. Use the steam to relieve nasal congestion and because we have mucous membranes in the neck, drinking warm water can prevent mucosa from forming.

4. Relieves the nervous system

Drinking warm water can help relax the central nervous system and lubricate our bodies. With optimal nervous system function, our body functions will run well and with minimal pain.

5. Lose weight

Drinking warm water can help shed fat reserves in the body and help you lose weight. With warm water, the body can lower its internal temperature and increase metabolism.

Drink warm water with a mixture of lemon or honey (or both) after every meal. Lemons contain pectin fiber which controls hunger and is ideal for people on an alkaline diet.

6. Improve blood circulation

Warm water which can help shed fat deposits and accelerate the nervous system will have an impact on the smooth circulation of blood. This is because warm water can help the body’s organs carry blood more effectively throughout the body.

7. Eliminate toxins from the body

Drinking warm water will help flush out harmful toxins in the body and cleanse our system. If we drink it regularly, the endocrine system in our body will be activated and cause the body to sweat.

The toxins will come out of the body through the sweat.

8. Relieves pain

Drinking warm water can improve circulation in the blood vessels, relaxing the muscles in the body. This will help us to be able to deal with the pain from the aching joints.

If you have stomach aches, headaches or pain in certain parts of your body, try drinking warm water to relieve the pain.

9. Manage stress

If you are feeling stressed, drinking warm water can relieve it slowly. Drinking warm water can relax your muscles so that levels of the hormone cortisol (which causes stress) decrease.

10. Reduce menstrual pain

One of the main benefits of drinking warm water is that it helps reduce menstrual cramps. Warm water can have a calming and soothing effect on the abdominal muscles by reducing the cramps and cramps that are common when a woman is menstruating. (Nabilla Tashandra)

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Editor: Wahyu T. Rahmawati