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Taspen handed over the THT and pension benefits to Vice President Jusuf Kalla

President Director of PT Taspen Iqbal Latanro (right) President Commissioner of Taspen Franciscus Sibarani (left) hands over THT and pension guarantees to Vice President Jusuf Kala

Reporter: Noverius Laoli | Editor: Noverius Laoli

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. PT Taspen (Persero) provides proactive services to Vice President (Wapres) Jusuf Kalla in the form of handing over old age savings (THT) benefits and retirement on Monday (14/10).

As is known, starting on October 20, 2019, Jusuf Kalla will retire from his position as vice president.

As a state official and Taspen participant, Jusuf Kalla is said to have the right to benefit from the ENT and pension programs as a reward for his services and dedication to serve the country.

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Citing the Taspen press release obtained by Kontan.co.id, the handover was given by the President Director of PT Taspen Iqbal Latanro, President Commissioner of Taspen Franciscus Sibarani and the Taspen board of directors.

Previously, Taspen had also delivered the benefits of ENT to the Minister of PAN RB, Syarifuddin. On that occasion, Jusuf Kalla appreciated Taspen’s proactive service making it easier for participants to get the benefits.

Taspen as a state-owned company that manages the social security program for ASN and State Officials, is committed to continuing to provide the best service with four protection programs consisting of Old Age Savings (ENT), Pension, Work Accident Insurance and Death Security.

In terms of service, Taspen has obtained ISO 900: 2015 certification for 1 hour service and automatic claim service. In addition, in accordance with ASN Law No. 5 of 2014 and PP No. 49 of 2018, TASPEN also provides protection to Non ASN and Non PPPK employees serving in Government Agencies.

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In the future TASPEN will continue to make Service Innovations for the convenience of its participants, because TASPEN will continue to focus on serving ASN, State Officials and Non ASN in Government Agencies.

Some of TASPEN’s latest innovations including the TASPEN Mobile 2.0 Application, Digital Authentication Application, and Smart Entrepreneur Program have also received awards in the TOP 40 Public Service Innovations of the Ministry of PAN RB.

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