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Take a peek at the benefits of Amanah Githa Hajj insurance

Reporter: Dina Farisah | Editor: Rizki Caturini

JAKARTA. The Hajj had already begun. The Ministry of Religion has mandated PT AJS Amanahjiwa Giri Artha to cover Islamic life insurance for Indonesian pilgrims.

President Director of PT AJS Amanahjiwa Giri Artha, Salim Al Bakry, said that his party grouped two insurance contributions and benefits. The first is for regular congregations. By collecting a contribution of IDR 50,000 per person, Amanah Githa provides sharia insurance benefits of IDR 15 million to regular congregants.

“Regular hajj pilgrims are entitled to 100% sharia insurance benefits if they die of illness. In addition, pilgrims are entitled to 200% sharia insurance benefits if they die from an accident,” explained Salim, Wednesday (10/8). Meanwhile, congregants with total or partial permanent disability due to an accident are entitled to a maximum benefit of 100% of the sharia insurance benefits.

Furthermore, there are special pilgrims or pilgrimage fees plus (ONH Plus). His party quoted a contribution of Rp 100,000 per person. The sharia benefits provided by Amanah Githa for special congregations are IDR 30 million. The terms of this benefit payment can be divided into three.

First, those who die due to illness are entitled to 100% sharia insurance benefits. Second, if the congregation dies due to an accident, they will receive 200% sharia insurance benefits. Third, congregants who experience total or partial permanent disability due to an accident are entitled to 100% sharia insurance benefits.

Even so, Salim hopes that this year’s Hajj will be better than last year. Reflecting on last year’s Hajj season, many calamities befell all pilgrims, including Indonesia. More than 600 pilgrims died last year after being hit by a crane in Mecca and being trampled while throwing a jumrah in Mina.

“Indicators that this year’s Hajj is better include better development in Mecca, no more cranes. We also see the Saudi Arabian government being more careful this year,” said Salim.

On the other hand, continued Salim, the season prediction is also relatively conducive. It is predicted that a sandstorm will not occur. “God willing, this year will be better. We will continue to coordinate with officials from the Ministry of Religion and the Ministry of Health there,” added Salim.

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