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Stupid use of mask hanger rope during the pandemic, it turns out that these are the benefits and drawbacks

SRIPOKU.COM – The use of masks is part of the health protocol regulations implemented by the Indonesian Government during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

By wearing a mask, a person will avoid droplet splashes if he comes in contact with someone who has been infected with Covid-19 or the corona virus.

In early 2021, the phenomenon of using masks was accompanied by the emergence of a new trend.

This trend, as reported by Kompas.com, is the use of additional “straps” or additional straps attached to masks.

Although some straps look unique, in fact the use of these objects also has things to watch out for.


Plus Minus Strap Mask

Responding to the hectic question of mask straps, a general practitioner who is also a PhD candidate in Medical Science at Kobe University, Adam Prabata, saw that there are pluses and minuses related to using mask straps.

Especially related to the potential for virus transmission from droplets.

“The mask strap can increase comfort and become a fashion, so it has the potential to increase the number of masks used,” Adam said when contacted by Kompas.com, Thursday (11/2/2021).