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Students, Let's Understand Many Benefits of Seafood

KOMPAS.com – Indonesia, which is known as a maritime country, certainly has a lot of potential. One of them has a wide variety of seafood.

From the combination of fish, squid, and shellfish combined with traditional Indonesian spices, it certainly makes seafood dishes very popular.

But apart from being delicious, this seafood is rich in benefits and nutritious. Do students already know the benefits of this seafood?

Launching the official Instagram account of the West Java Education Office (Disdik Jabar), Sunday (14/2/2021), this is the explanation.

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Benefits of seafood

1. Seafood has been consumed since ancient times.

2. Seafood is a source of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

3. Seafood is food from sea animals and plants that are caught or provoked.

4. Seafood should be cooked or consumed immediately so that its quality does not deteriorate.

5. Can be processed by boiling, baked, sauteed or dipepes.