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Recognize the benefits of lemon infused water for health

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Infused water lemon is quite popular in Indonesia. It’s a benefit infused water lemon for body health.

About 65% of the human body consists of water. Just so you know, water has an important role in the formation of various body fluids.

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In addition, the body needs water for the digestive process, regulates body temperature, carries nutrients to body cells, and others.

Therefore you should drink about 8 glasses of water per day. If you are tired of drinking water, you can mix the fruits in the water to make it taste fresher and more enjoyable.

One of the fruits that you can mix with water is lemon. Drinking this is often called lemon lime infused water.

Launching a book entitled Favorite Variations of Infused Water with Effective Benefits to Overcome Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, & Kidney Disorders by Desty Ervira Puspaningtyas, S.Gz., Yunita Indah Prasetyaningsrum, S.Gz, infused water contains many vitamins and nutrients that are good for the body.

Lemon infused water contains vitamins C, B, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, high in fiber and low in calories.

This content makes infused water rich in good health benefits if you drink it regularly.

Benefits infused water lemon

Lately, lemons are popular among the people of the country. Lemon is believed to increase endurance because it is rich in vitamin C.

You can consume lemons by squeezing the water or making it infused water.

Infused water lemons store many health benefits when drunk regularly.

Here are the benefits infused water lemons you should know.

1. Prevent infection

Infused water Lemon is rich in vitamin C which is useful for preventing infection.

2. Lowering high blood pressure and maintaining heart health

Infused water Lemon contains phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium which are good for maintaining heart health and lowering high blood pressure.

3. Lose weight

Are you on a diet? Lemon infused water can be a good drink for you to consume every day.

Infused water lemons are high in fiber and low in calories. This makes lemon infused water help the digestive process smooth and lose weight.

4. Brighten the face and remove black spots

Facial skin beauty is important for women. Drink infused water lemon can lighten the face and help get rid of black blemishes.

Your face will look bright and oil-free when you drink it infused water lemon regularly.

Make infused water lemons are easy enough. You wash and then cut 100 grams of fresh lemon.

After that, you put the lemon slices into 50 ml boiled water then cover. You save lemon infused water in the refrigerator for about 4-5 hours.

After that you drink little by little until it runs out. Good luck.