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Recognize the benefits of antibiotics and why should you spend antibiotics?

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Antibiotics are drugs to help stop infections caused by bacteria. This drug works by eradicating bacteria or preventing bacteria from spreading by multiplying in the body.

Considering the benefits of antibiotics, the health world has dubbed this drug an antibacterial drug. The following is a further explanation of the benefits of antibiotics and their use.

Benefits of antibiotics

Launching WebMD, looking at its history, antibiotic drugs became available in a number of countries in the 1940s. Before scientists discovered this drug, many people died from minor bacterial infections such as strep throat. Most of the bacteria can actually live in the body and do not endanger health.

There are even several types that help the body’s performance. However, some bad bacteria can infect organs. Antiobic drugs can provide benefits by helping the body fight certain types of bacterial infections and can save lives if used properly.

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Reporting from Medical News Today, our immune system is ideally designed to be able to fight bacteria before these germs multiply and cause symptoms of disease. However, there are times when the number of harmful bacteria is too high, which can overwhelm the immune system. In this condition, the body needs antibiotics.

The benefits of antibiotics have been shown to help overcome diseases or health problems such as:

  • Ear and sinus infections
  • Tooth infection
  • Skin infection
  • Meningitis or inflammation of the lining of the brain
  • Sore throat
  • Bladder and kidney infections
  • Pneumonia due to bacterial infection
  • Whooping cough

The benefits of antibiotics are only used to treat bacterial infections. Antibiotics cannot treat viral infections such as flu, colds, some coughs, bronchitis infections, stomach aches, etc.

Before prescribing antibiotics, doctors usually carry out tests to determine the exact cause of bacterial-related diseases. In some cases, health professionals also provide antibiotics for infection prevention, one of which is before surgery.

Antibiotics for prophylaxis are usually recommended before intestinal and orthopedic surgery.

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