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Readings on the Intention of Fasting Monday Thursday, Complete with Benefits and Benefits

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The following reads the intention of the Sunnah fasting Monday and its value.

The fast Monday Thursday is one of the fasts that the Prophet highly recommended.

Many values ​​and wisdom are contained in the Sunnah fasting Monday Thursday.

In Complete Smart Book Guide to Muslim Worship Muhammad Syukron Maksum’s work explained, the values ​​contained in the Sunnah fasting Monday Thursday are very many, including the following.

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The Birthday of the Prophet, the Determination of Prophethood and the Lowering of the Qur’an

Monday is the birthday of Rasulullah Muhammad SAW.

In addition, on Monday the Messenger of Allah also received the time for the first time that was delivered by the angel Gabriel.

This is based on the narrative of Abu Qatada, that the Prophet Muhammad was asked about fasting on Monday, then he said.

“It is the day that I was born, in it and the day that I was appointed as an Apostle or the day on which the Koran was revealed.” (HR. Muslim).

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