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People with work-related diseases can receive JKK benefits even though they don't work anymore

Reporter: Abdul Basith | Editor: Yudho Winarto

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. People with work-related diseases can receive Work Accident Benefits (JKK) benefits even though the employment relationship has ended.

This is stated in Presidential Regulation (Perpres) number 7 of 2019 concerning Occupational Diseases. The Presidential Decree was completed and signed by President Joko Widodo on January 25 last.

“Workers diagnosed with occupational diseases based on a doctor’s certificate are entitled to JKK benefits even though the employment relationship has ended,” states article 2 paragraph 1 of Presidential Decree number 7 of 2019.

The maximum period of time for receiving JKK benefits is three years after the employment relationship ends. These occupational diseases were divided into 4 groups.

Diseases that enter as occupational diseases include diseases caused by exposure to factors arising from work activities, diseases based on the target organ system, occupational cancer, and other specific diseases.

The types of diseases that will receive JKK benefits are also listed in the attachment. Meanwhile, those that have not been listed must be diseases that have a direct relationship with the type of work experienced by workers.

The disease must be proven scientifically with the right method. The Perpres emphasizes that the proof is carried out by a doctor or specialist who is competent in the field of occupational health.

“Types of occupational diseases are stipulated by a Presidential Decree (Kepres),” states Article 4 paragraph (4) of this Presidential Decree.

Based on the attachment, there are a number of diseases that will receive JKK benefits. Among others, there are diseases caused by chemical, physical, biological, respiratory, skin, muscle and skeletal factors, mental disorders, and a number of cancers caused by certain substances and diseases that attack certain professions.

The Perpres comes into effect after being promulgated on January 29, 2019. The issuance of the Perpres makes Presidential Decree number 22 of 1993 concerning Diseases That Arise Due to Work Relationships being revoked and declared invalid.

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