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Parents Must Know! These are the benefits of morning sunshine for babies

AYOBANDUNG.COM – Babies are strongly advised to get enough sunlight. So do not be surprised if many parents just do the activity of ‘drying’ the baby when the sun is still warm.

This is believed to make newborns avoid various types of diseases. In addition, sunlight also provides many benefits for babies.

As quoted from Parenting First Cry, the following is a list of benefits that babies receive when basking in the morning sun.

1. More Vitamin D
Sun exposure will give babies more vitamin D. Vitamin D is needed for the immune system in the body to avoid various diseases. Vitamin D also helps absorb calcium, thereby strengthening bones and teeth.

2. Better Serotonin Levels
Sunlight can help increase the production of serotonin in babies. Serotonin, often called the happy hormone. This hormone can increase feelings of happiness and security in babies. In addition, sunshine serotonin can regulate sleep and digestion better in babies.

3. Increased Insulin Levels
Sunlight can prevent the risk of diabetes in babies. This is because sunlight can increase insulin levels well. Sunlight contains vitamin D which regulates insulin levels. Therefore, sunlight is good for babies.

4. Managing Jaundice
Babies who don’t get enough sunlight will turn yellow and get sick easily. Sunlight will help break down bilirubin or yellowish compounds that occur in catabolics naturally. This makes the baby’s liver process it easily so that they avoid jaundice.

Uncontrolled growth of bilirubin can cause a newborn’s skin to turn yellow. Exposing babies to the morning sun for 15 to 20 minutes, without clothes, every day, can help with jaundice.

5. Higher Energy Levels
Exposure to natural sunlight in babies will help the body regulate melatonin production. This allows babies to regulate their sleep patterns properly. Sunlight will decrease melatonin levels and increase serotonin so that energy levels are higher.

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