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Ornamental Plants That Bring Hockey according to Feng Shui

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Prestige decorative plants bring this hockey much sought after. Not only as a collection, but there are also those who use ornamental plants to be resold in order to reap coffers.

However, the meaning of ‘lucky’ plants does not mean that you can immediately profit in everything.

Quoting the narrative of Angelina Fang, a senior consultant for Feng Shui Consulting Indonesia on the page Wolipop, ornamental plants are not a determining factor in one’s luck.

Fang added that logically plants are called ‘hockey’ because they have benefits such as absorbing pollutants that benefit their owners so they get clean air.

Certain types of plants that are able to clean air toxins are certainly beneficial, such as health. For the body, a healthy mind will certainly produce good energy.

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According to Feng Shui, the plant recommendations below are very suitable for collection because they have a number of benefits for the owner. The following ornamental plants bring luck and provide benefits to their owners.

1. Chrysanthemum / Serunai (Chrysanthemum)

Chrysanthemum flowersPhoto: Muhammad Mahdi Karim / Pixabay
Chrysanthemums or lemongrass are ornamental plants that bring luck and provide benefits to their owners.

The feng shui symbol in the chrysanthemum plant is an easy life because it is considered to have strong energy to bring profits.

Regardless of the topographical meaning, there is a scientific side that can be a consideration for you to choose a citronella plant as a collection.

Chrysanthemum or chrysanthemum is a flowering plant of the Asteraceae family from mainland Asia and Northeast Europe.

The characteristic of this chrysanthemum plant is that there is a jagged gap, the leaves grow across the branches. Chrysanthemum stems are soft and have a green color.

  • Benefits of Chrysanthemum Plants

Chrysanthemum plants store a number of benefits. This is evidenced by the results of a NASA Clean Air Study which states that chrysanthemums are able to clean air toxins.

In Japan, chrysanthemums are called ‘kiku’ because of their fragrant aroma, making it possible to store them indoors as natural fragrances.

In addition, chrysanthemum has long been believed to be a Chinese herbal plant to neutralize toxins in the body by drinking it into tea.

So it can be concluded that the purpose of the hok is in the use of the plant itself which has various benefits.

2.Palm Parlor (Chamaedorea Elegans)

Parlor palm plant decorating black wooden dresser.  Modern home decor.Photo: iStockphoto / Studio Light and Shade
Parlor palms are ornamental plants that bring luck and provide benefits to their owners.

Then there is the parlor palm which is also included as an ornamental plant to bring hockey. It is said that this plant brings balance according to feng shui.

Another term for the parlor palm is the living room palm or pacaya. Usually parlor is used as an indoor plant because it can survive in dim spaces.

Parlor palm growing can reach a height of about 4 meters. Not only growing in pots, parlor is possible when planted directly in the soil.

Because they are adaptable to any type of soil, palms are also friendly to tropical to subtropical climates and are resistant to a variety of weather.

  • Benefits of Parlor Palm Ornamental Plants

Just like the citronella plant, parlor palm is useful for absorbing indoor toxins. So it’s no wonder it’s easy to find in offices or malls.

The advantages of parlor palm in purifying the air are strengthened by the results of the NASA Clean Air Study.

In addition, the impact of a clean room and free of toxic air will greatly increase the quality of sleep to be more restful.

This good benefit in the parlor palm plant is proof that its character is indeed beneficial, especially for health.

3.Money Tree (Pachira)

A Pachira aquatica planet, often sold as a Photo: iStockphoto / OGGM
Pachira or money plant is an ornamental plant that brings hockey and provides benefits to its owner.

Pachira ornamental plants or money trees are very attached to the image of ‘hockey’ for financial matters based on feng shui science.

Some even believe that money tree trunks must be braided an odd number of three or five. If you get an even rod it is considered ‘unlucky’.

The five stems mean the ‘balance element’, namely earth, fire, water, wind, and metal.

Cultivation of this Central American plant is quite popular, especially in Indonesia. The price of seeds is still relatively affordable and easy to find.

  • Benefits of Money Tree Ornamental Plants

The nature of the plant that does not require a lot of water and only requires moderate light intensity makes pachira care relatively easy. No wonder many beginners use it as a collection of ornamental plants.

Another benefit of having pachira plants at home is its ability to overcome sleep disorders and reduce stress.

Proving the benefits of pachira is in NASA research on how plants work to neutralize dirty air.

So it’s only natural that pachira is included in the category of ornamental plants to bring luck because it does have good benefits.

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