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Olive oil for the face can provide these 5 benefits

KONTAN.CO.ID – Did you know, olive oil for the face provides many benefits. You see, there are a lot of nutrients in it.

By using it regularly, you can feel the following uses of olive oil for the face:

Natural moisturizer

Do you have dry skin type? If so, you can try olive oil to overcome this.

You can combine the natural moisturizer in olive oil with banana and egg yolk and use it in the form of a mask.

Bananas are useful for cleaning the accumulated dead skin cells. Meanwhile, egg yolk works with olive oil as a natural moisturizer.

The way you need to do is quite easy. Combine one egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and one crushed banana. Then use on the face.

Clean the rest of the make up

The next benefit of olive oil for your face is that you can use these natural ingredients as a cleanser make up emergency.

Quoting Seloolive.com, olive oil can clean the remaining mascara and waterproof make up which is usually difficult to clean.

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Removes excess oil

Oil is produced naturally to keep skin moist. However, for some people, oil production on the face occurs in excess.

Finally, sebum and bacteria build up easily, causing acne and other skin problems. You can avoid this by cleaning your face with olive oil.

The trick, massage olive oil into the face in a circular motion. After that, clean the remaining olive oil with a cloth that has been moistened with warm water.

Clean dead skin cells

Launch Seloolive.com, olive oil for the face can also be used to clean dead skin cells. You can combine it with sugar.

The combination of these two ingredients will clean sebum that clogs pores so that skin conditions become healthier.

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