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Often Considered a Weakness, Here Are 5 Benefits of Fear

It’s not fear that’s the problem. But your reaction

Most people avoid fear because it is often seen as a weakness. Although the majority of people avoid the trigger for fear, there are a few people who approach the source of that fear. Because they understand that fear is something very useful.

Here are the benefits of fear, which are summarized from the page Huffington Post and Inc:

1. People who have fear keep them safe

Often Considered a Weakness, Here Are 5 Benefits of Fearpexels.com/Andrea Piacquadio

Most people are familiar with the response fight-or-flight when feeling threatened, which physiologically acts to protect oneself. That is, a person is hardwired to defend himself when threatened.

However, a person can also feel the same response when he is in an unusual situation, even though the situation is not threatening. Those things that make you uncomfortable because you are too alert.

2. Fear is good for mental development

Often Considered a Weakness, Here Are 5 Benefits of Fearpexels.com/Craig Adderley

Even when you’re not in danger, fear still works in a different way. A person often gets used to his way of life. That’s why many people limit themselves for various reasons.

Careful evaluation of many things can put fear in his mind. Fear can arise when someone is growing his personality. No matter what your life goal is, it still requires a change in mindset and breaking pre-existing boundaries.

In this scenario, fear can lead you to an area where you need to take a closer look. Although instinctively want to run, but if directed properly, this kind of fear is really needed.

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3. Fear can keep your body under control

Often Considered a Weakness, Here Are 5 Benefits of Fearpexels.com/Moose Photos

The hormone released by the adrenal glands when you are afraid is cortisol. This hormone can be beneficial for health in moderate amounts. Granted, excess cortisol can cause you to gain weight, long-term stress, and high blood pressure, but moderation is key.

When you feel scared, a small release of cortisol will help balance bodily functions such as digestion, or immune system processes. Cortisol is like a thermostat for the body.

When you feel threatened, this thermostat will keep you and things under control.

4. Good for career because it can increase productivity

Often Considered a Weakness, Here Are 5 Benefits of Fearunsplash.com/Joanna Buguet

Fear turns out to be useful for career. Why, how come? Because fear can motivate or give you extra encouragement to achieve career goals.

Adrenaline can help you delegate and be a productive team member. It’s also beneficial to tackle projects according to deadlines.

5. Fear gives you clarity about what is really important in life

Often Considered a Weakness, Here Are 5 Benefits of Fearpexels.com/Anastasia Shuraeva

When you are afraid of specific things, you will come to know what is really the most important in your life. You will try to pursue what you are afraid of. For example, spending time with your family when you have time, always trying to maintain your health, or pursuing a career.

In other words, fear makes you realize that now is the right time to achieve what is most important and not procrastinate.

Basically, it’s not fear that’s the problem. But your reaction to fear itself. You have a choice to make: do you allow fear to paralyze you, or do you process your fear?

Please choose yourself.

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This article was first written by Eka ami at the IDN Times Community with the title Often Considered Bad, Turns Out These Are 5 Great Benefits of Fear