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Note, here are 5 health benefits of egg whites

KONTAN.CO.ID – Eggs, especially the whites, are a food source that contains many nutrients. So, there are many benefits of egg whites for health.

The benefits of egg whites come from the content of calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and other nutrients in it. the benefits of egg whites that you can get :.

Control blood pressure

You need to be vigilant if you have high blood pressure because your heart health can be disturbed. To lower and control blood pressure better, try to eat food sources that contain potassium, one of which is egg white.

Quoting from Parenting.firstcry.com, You can get 8 mg of potassium in one egg white. This means that consuming egg whites can reduce the risk of stroke. Not only that, egg whites are also useful for bone health so that you can avoid fractures.

Build muscle

If you want to have stronger muscles, try eating egg whites regularly. The benefits of egg whites come from the large amount of protein in them. In one egg white, you can get 6 g of protein.

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Overcoming fatigue

Often feeling tired and lacking energy can be a sign that the body is deficient in iron. If this continues, you can experience dizziness, weakness, and other health problems that interfere with your daily activities.

To avoid this, try to eat egg whites. Parenting.firstcry.com mentioned, manganese and magnesium contained in egg whites can reduce the fatigue you feel.

However, if you continue to experience fatigue, try to consult a doctor so that you get the appropriate treatment.

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Prevent premature aging

One of the benefits of egg whites is to prevent premature aging.

As we get older, there are many signs of aging that appear on the skin. Starting from wrinkles, wrinkles, to black spots.

So that you can avoid this, try to eat egg whites regularly. These food sources will rejuvenate skin cells so that the signs of aging disappear and the skin looks softer.

Suitable for consumption by diabetics

For diabetics, try to eat egg whites regularly. Eating one boiled egg white can lower cholesterol so that the risk of other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and blood pressure, also reduces.

Editor: Belladina Biananda