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Not only for hair, this is another benefit of a hair dryer

Reporter: rumahku.com | Editor: Havid Vebri

JAKARTA. Hair dryer or hair dryer is one of the tools that are increasingly popular with its use. As the name implies, hair dryer used only for hair.

In fact, most of its users are only women and salon workers. But do you know if this thing can also be used for other things?
Despite its small size, this thing turns out to provide many benefits not only for hair.

Through the heat they deliver, they become the perfect medium to help everyone overcome the technical difficulties that often occur at home.
What can this thing do? Check out four of them below.

– For wax marks

You can easily remove wax droplets after a power failure in your home with a hairdryer. No need to give up your nails to pick out the wax marks, but just rely on a hair dryer.

Put it down hair dryer just above the candle mark for at least 30 seconds. The wax will melt on its own due to the heat from the hair dryer the. Clean the wax residue with a damp cloth for maximum results.

– For sticker marks

Stickers attached to certain places can also be removed easily hair dryer. Place it hair dryer that has been burning on the sticker for at least a minute and see the results! The adhesive on the sticker will loosen and come off on its own. Repeat this heating process for maximum results.

– For the cake

You’re making tarts this weekend? Don’t think the cake has the maximum result if you haven’t ‘poured’ the heat hair dryer to the top of the cake. Point the blow dryer that turns on at low temperature across the surface of the cake. Voila! Your cake will look shinier!

– For Dust

Dust under your bed is not always your concern. If dust has built up, then you don’t just need a broom to clean it.

You also need hair dryer! Navigate hair dryer light up under the bed and aim for an area where you can easily reach it with a broom. This method only applies to wood or laminate floors and not carpet floors.

(UB / Rumahku.com)

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