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Not Individualists, Minister of Health: Benefits of Vaccines for the Community

Jakarta, Gatra.com – Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin advised the public that the essence of implementing the Covid-19 vaccination does not only focus on safety or protection of oneself. In fact, vaccination is intended to provide protection for other people. “So, this vaccination is not for protecting oneself, for those who are vaccinated. Not so. Vaccination is intended to achieve communal immunity or herd immunity. We hope that 70 percent of the Indonesian people have immunity, because of the injection of this vaccine,” said Minister of Health Budi in a discussion. online, Saturday (30/1). Vaccination is intended so that 70 percent of those who are vaccinated will get immunity so that they do not become infected and transmit the virus later. Budi believes that this condition will reduce the rate of transmission and epidemically, the transmission will be reduced and even eliminated. “So, once again the vaccine is not to protect ourselves, but to protect families, people, and all Indonesian people and human beings in the world,” he explained. Therefore, Minister of Health Budi emphasized that the vaccination program was not an individualistic program, it was very socialist because it very much determined the safety and benefit of the whole community. Meanwhile, Minister of Health Budi previously said that the vaccination process, which is open to the wider community, will only be carried out in April 2021. His party targets that the vaccination process can be carried out in the middle or end of April. This implementation, said Budi, had actually been made to accelerate it. Because he admitted that at this time his party was still working hard to speed up the vaccination process for all Indonesian people. “Why do we need it fast? Because we don’t know whether this vaccine has immunity how long it will last. Because no one has yet completed the stage 3 clinical trial. Both Pfitzer, Sinovac, AstraZeneca have not finished 100 percent,” he concluded.

Reporter: Ucha Julistian

Editor: Rohmat Haryadi