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Masturbation provides many healthy benefits

Jakarta. Some people consider masturbation to be taboo. Masturbation is also considered a form of sexual disorder.

However, from a medical perspective, masturbation is a healthy behavior. Independent.co.uk said, recently 38% of women and 61% of men in the UK masturbate.

To reduce taboo and embarrassment on the topic of masturbation, International Masturbation Month is celebrated in May. To mark the celebration and how far the British have changed their views, here are the health benefits of masturbation:

1. Prevent depression
Research has found orgasms increase endorphins, which can help prevent depression.

2. Prevent the risk of cervical cancer
Research has found women who do protect them from cervical infections because regular orgasms flex the cervix.

3. Useful for self-esteem
Experts say those who are comfortable masturbating feel more comfortable with their bodies and sexuality.

4. It is easier to sleep well
Orgasms lower blood pressure and relax endorphins. This makes the culprit sleep soundly faster.

5. Reducing menstrual pain
Many women report reduced or stopped menstrual pain due to masturbation.

6. Reducing the risk of prostate cancer
Research presented recently at the American Urological Annual Meeting found that men who ejaculate at least every month are less likely to develop prostate cancer in the future.

7. Free from sexually transmitted diseases
Nearly half a million people in the UK are diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases ranging from HIV to syphilis. Masturbation is not a risk of transmitting the disease. Unless the perpetrator has recently been in intimate contact with someone suffering from the disease.