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Mandatory or not to wake up newborn babies to breastfeed? Check out the following explanations and benefits, Moms!

Illustration of breastfeeding newborn baby.


Illustration of breastfeeding newborn baby.

Nakita.id – Giving breast milk exclusively to newborns is certainly something very important for Moms to do.

Because breast milk is the only source of nutrition for newborns.

Sufficient breastfeeding, of course, supports optimal baby growth in the future.

The role of breast milk in the early life of newborns is very important and needed.

This is what makes Moms obliged to maintain the quality of her breast milk.

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Apart from maintaining the quality, Moms also have to pay attention to the frequency of breastfeeding the baby.

Do not let the baby suffer from malnutrition due to inadequate breastfeeding.

Is it necessary to wake up a newborn to feed?

Activities of newborns tend to be spent sleeping and breastfeeding regularly.

This is what often makes Moms confused, whether to wake up the sleeping baby who is scheduled to breastfeed him or not?

Based on the coverage done Nakita.id along with several experts revealed, if the baby is more than one year old, it does not need to be awakened to suckle while sleeping soundly.

“To give milk to children, we have to look at their condition and age first. If, for example, they are over three years old, for example if they are sleeping soundly, it should not need to be awakened,” said dr. Juliawaty Salim, Sp. A Pediatrician from Mitra Keluarga Kemayoran Hospital in a joint in-depth interview Nakita.id, Thursday, (04/02/2021).

Interview with dr.  Juliawaty Salim, Sp.A.

Screenshot of Zoom Nakita.id

Interview with dr. Juliawaty Salim, Sp.A.

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However, for newborns, waking the baby up during the feeding schedule is fine.

“But for children at the beginning of life, for example 3 months of age, nutritional intake is very important for the baby to grow, to develop properly, so that regular drinking can be done,” added dr. Juliawaty.

Meanwhile, according to dr. Yovita Ananta, Sp.A, IBCLC, MHSM, a Pediatrician from Pondok Indah Hospital, Pondok Indah said, actually Moms don’t need to schedule a baby to breastfeed.

Portrait of dr.  Yovita Ananta, Sp.  A, IBCLC, MHSM.  (Pediatrician from Pondok Indah Hospital)

Pondok Indah Hospital Docs (RSPI)

Portrait of dr. Yovita Ananta, Sp. A, IBCLC, MHSM. (Pediatrician from Pondok Indah Hospital)

“Newborns need to breastfeed 8-12 times in 24 hours. Most babies already have the desire to breastfeed that often (i.e. once every 2-3 hours), so you can let the baby suckle. on demand, no need on schedule, ” said dr. Yovita in a special interview with Nakita.id on Saturday (06/02/2021).

However, dr. Yovita said it is okay for newborns to be awakened to breastfeed.

“However, babies who are still sleeping too much, whose weight is still falling or rising slowly, the baby can be awakened to breastfeed. This often occurs in preterm and full term babies in the first two weeks of life,” added dr. Yovita.

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The benefits that will be obtained if you wake the baby to breastfeed

According to dr. Juliawaty, waking the baby to breastfeed can bring various benefits.

The benefits that can be obtained are that the baby’s nutritional needs can be properly maintained.

If the baby’s nutrition is fulfilled properly, then the weight will automatically increase.

“The advantage is that the nutrition can be maintained properly, because children under one year old cannot be independent on their own so that their nutritional intake must be assisted by Moms. So that being awakened and breastfeeding is okay,” concluded dr. Juliawaty.

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