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Know the Benefits of Witch Hazel, the Magic Flower to Kill Acne

Suara.com – Just being at home without using makeup, exposure to sunlight or pollution, does not guarantee that your skin will be free from problems, especially acne.

On the other hand, hormonal changes due to stress levels and the phenomenon of maskne (mask acne) are the two most important skin problems that bother you in the midst of a pandemic like now.

Moreover, spending too much time at home can also make us lazy to care for facial skin.

Witch hazel plant.  (Pixabay / Tobias C. Wahl)
Witch hazel plant. (Pixabay / Tobias C. Wahl)

In preventing and treating acne, you can use facial skin treatments that contain witch hazel extract.

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Witch hazel itself is believed to have a function to help reduce swelling, repair damaged skin, and fight bacteria.

Witch hazel is a type of flower from the Hamamelidaceae family that grows in North America, Japan and China.

It is said, witch hazel extract works to astrigent or disguise the appearance of pores and soothes redness caused by acne.

In addition, a mixture of witch hazl with a salicylic scid or BHA as an anti-bacterial which inhibits the growth of acne-causing bacteria can also remove dead skin cells and reduce microcomedones on the skin.

No less important, you also need to choose skincare products that have a pH balance and are tested to be non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic or do not induce or encourage the formation of micro-comedones and acne.

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The skincare range from ERHA AcneAct Witch Hazel, for example, provides a toner containing witch hazel extract which functions to treat, relieve and soothe redness or inflammation due to acne conditions.