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Know the 10 Benefits of Keeping Domestic Animals

Suara.com – Raising animals is a pleasure and a hobby for many people. It is said that raising animals can bring happiness to the person.

That’s because domestic animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits can be entertaining under any circumstances.

It seems that choosing animals provides many benefits to a person. Not only giving happiness, raising animals is also good for social life and health.

Here are some of the benefits of raising domestic animals as reported by Animalfriends.

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Dog illustration.  (Pixabay)
Dog illustration. (Pixabay)

1. Raising animals can make the body fit
Raising animals will make the body fit. For example, when raising a dog, someone needs to take him around the road to keep the dog healthy and happy.

However, this benefit is not only felt by the dog, the person will also feel it because his body moves too. Plus, taking a walk outside can relieve stress.

2. Make sure you are not lonely
Raising an animal will make the owner feel less lonely. This is because pets can become friends when they are alone. Pets will also feel happy when they are invited to play and talk.

3. Reduce stress
Domestic animals can reduce a person’s stress. Usually, people will be tired and stressed due to work or study. Having a pet can make a person relax because he feels someone is accompanying him.

Researchers found that pet owners tended to have lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides than people who did not have pets. This proves that pets are good for the body.

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4. Help make friends
When you take a pet out, usually people will get interested and end up chatting with that person. This illustrates that pets can make someone bond with other people quickly.

5. Improve the immune system
Raising animals can boost a person’s immune system. When bringing animals out, a person gets sunlight which can increase the body’s immunity.

Germs and viruses from outside can also make the body adapt so that the immune system increases. Research shows that babies who live with dogs tend to have fewer infections and are generally healthier than those who don’t.

6. Avoid children from allergies
Raising animals will prevent children from allergies. This is because the fur on animals can help with this. However, on the contrary, if someone is allergic to animal hair, it will have a negative impact on that person.

7. Can detect cancer
It seems that keeping animals, especially dogs, can detect cancer early. Some pet owners reported that dogs saved their lives after realizing that dogs were constantly scavenging, sniffing or even licking tumors hidden under the skin.

8. Teach children to be responsible
Raising animals can provide lessons for children. This is because the child will feel responsible for cleaning the cage, caring for, and teaching tricks to these animals. Children also learn to nurture and have a sense of empathy for animals that are useful for them in the future.

9. Creating a sense of security
Sometimes, for some people being home alone is a terrible thing. By raising animals, will make the person feel safe. This is because someone accompanied him. In addition, keeping an animal like a dog can be a house keeper because usually dogs will bark when they see strangers who could be thieves.

10. Become a companion of children when learning difficulties
When studying, usually children often experience stress. By raising animals will make him have friends to accompany him. Animals also become conversation partners when children feel bored or are taking a short break. (Author: Fajar Ramadan)