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It turns out that drawing has many benefits for children, said UGM psychologist

KOMPAS.com – Spending a weekend at home doesn’t mean the day goes by boredom. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, parents must rack their brains so that children don’t feel bored because they have to be at home. One of them is by looking for fun activities that can be done together.

With activities carried out together, the closeness and warmth between parents and children can be maintained.

This warmth in the middle of the family can actually support children’s development more optimally.

Launch page kagama.co, according to the Child Development Psychologist at the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta, Dr. Aisah Indati, MS, a child can be said to grow and develop optimally if a person has emotional or spiritual intelligence.

Helping child development more optimally

Besides that, they are able to understand their strengths and weaknesses and adapt quickly. “Optimal development will be achieved if the child gets a variety of stimulation,” said Aisah Indati as quoted from the website. Kagama.co, Saturday (13/2/2021).

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There are several kinds of stimulation that can be given to children. For example stimulation that is motoric, emotional, social, and observational.

Aisah Indati emphasized that it is important for parents to give attention and supervision to the development of their child’s development. Especially in the period (golden age). Namely the age of 0 to 5 years.

In this golden age, continued Aisah, it takes some stimulation from the surrounding environment. So that children experience optimal development. “One of them is by playing and learning,” he said.

Give some varied stimulation

According to Aisah Indati, during the pandemic, children spent more time on gadgets and watching television. Especially if both his parents or the adults around him are busy working.

However, in the midst of busy parents, it is hoped that they will continue to pay attention with interaction and supervision.

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“Parents can stimulate children by drawing, coloring and cooperation between children and parents,” he explained.

The simplest activity that parents can do with children is drawing. Even though it sounds simple, this drawing activity helps children from an emotional and social side.

When children explore through the process of mixing various colors, it hones emotional sensitivity which involves creativity and initiative, as well as children’s social interactions.

“In addition, parents can monitor children’s development from the colors used in drawing,” added Aisah Indati.

When drawing with children, parents can direct the child if the colors are used, it will show a problem in the child psychologically.

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When drawing, indirectly also provides fine motor stimulation. This is obtained when children explore using dye, craft, and origami paper. This activity will train fine motor sensitivity in children.

Drawing activities also provide stimulation in terms of children’s emotional intelligence. This is very important role, not only for now but also in his life in the future.

“Having good emotional intelligence can encourage the birth of the ability to understand one’s emotions, manage emotions, motivate oneself, understand other people’s emotions and maintain relationships,” concluded Aisah Indati.