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It turns out that the consumption of Chinese New Year basket cakes has benefits for health, here's the explanation

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – The Chinese New Year celebration is incomplete if you don’t enjoy basket cakes. The cake, which has the original name Nian Gao or Ni-Kwe, is one of the typical or mandatory cakes for Chinese New Year celebrations made from glutinous rice and sugar.

A round basket cake has a meaning so that families who celebrate Chinese New Year can continue to be united, harmonious and determined in the face of the coming year.

The presentation of basket cakes is often arranged high or tiered. The higher the cake, the smaller the cake that is arranged, giving the meaning of an increase in terms of sustenance or prosperity.

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As quoted PotensiBisnis.com from PMJ News, consuming this typical Chinese New Year basket cake turns out to have various benefits for the body, including:

Maintain Healthy Skin

The first benefit is that the skin becomes healthier, this is because in the basket cake there are ingredients that contain zinc.

Besides being useful for maintaining healthy tissues in the body, zinc is also able to regenerate dead skin cells into new, healthier skin cells.