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It is rarely known, this is the benefit of ciplukan for body health

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Ciplukan wild plants that are widely used in the world of herbal medicine. This is the benefit of ciplukan for the health of your body.

Ciplukan are shrubs that grow wild on the edge of ditches, gardens and riverbanks.

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However, not a few people deliberately plant ciplukan in their yard. Quoting from a book entitled Medicinal Plants and Their Usefulness by H. Arief Hariana, ciplukan is quite cheap to cultivate.

Ciplukan can be propagated by sowing seeds in pots or polybags. Ciplukan seeds will sprout and become large with regular fertilizers and watering.

Ciplukan have unique fruit because they hide in cangkap alias covered with leaves. When fully ripe, the ciplukan fruit is quite sweet and delicious.

Just so you know, the ciplukan fruit is not just any fruit. The fruit of this wild plant is widely used as medicine.

Not only the fruit, the roots and leaves of ciplukan are also useful as herbal medicines that can cure a number of diseases.

The content of ciplukan

Ciplukan have been used as a herbal medicine for a long time. From all parts of the ciplukan, ciplukan leaves, roots, and fruit is useful as herbal medicine.

Quoting from a book entitled Variety & Efficacy of Medicinal Plants, by Hieronymus Budi Santosa, ciplukan fruit contains vitamin C, citric acid, fisalin, tannins, sugars, cryptoxanthine, malic acid, and alkaloids.

Ciplukan roots and stems contain saponins and flavonoids. Ciplukan leaves contain polyphenols and chlorogenic acid. And, ciplukan seeds contain elaidic acid.

The benefits of ciplukan

Containing active substances and vitamins, ciplukan have benefits as herbal medicines that can cure a number of diseases.

Just so you know, how to use the ciplukan herbal medicine is not only taken by mouth but also as an external medicine.

The following diseases can be treated with ciplukan.

1. Kidney stones

Launching from Kompas.com, ciplukan is useful for treating kidney stone disease.

Ciplukan contain antibacterial which can shed calcium deposits in the kidneys.

2. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is not a contagious disease. However, high blood pressure can lead to disease complications if left untreated.

The roots and stems of ciplukan contain flavonoids that act as blood pressure controllers.

To feel the benefits, you boil 5 grams of brangkas (dry ciplukan roots and stems) in 110 ml. You boil it for about 5-10 minutes.

After boiling, you strain and let it cool. You drink ciplukan boiled water twice a day with a dose of 100 ml.

3. Diabetes mellitus

Ciplukan roots and stems are also effective in treating diabetes mellitus, aka diabetes.

This is because the roots and stems of ciplukan contain saponins which are useful for reducing blood sugar levels.

Do you have diabetes mellitus?

How to make ciplukan herbal medicine for diabetes mellitus medication is quite easy, namely 10 grams of ciplukan ciplukan boiled with 400 ml.

You boil the ciplukan for 5-10 minutes then strain and cool. You can drink the ciplukan boiled water twice a day.

4. Bleeding gums

Ciplukan fruit is rich in vitamin C which is useful for increasing endurance, curing mouth sores, and treating bleeding gums.

You only need to consume 30 ciplukan fruit every day to treat bleeding gums.

5. Bronchitis

Quoting from a book entitled Plants For Treatment, ciplukan can also treat bronchitis.

As information, bronchitis is characterized by a dry cough at the beginning and continues to be a cough with phlegm, the middle chest feels hot and painful, difficulty breathing, fever, and sneezing.

To treat bronchitis, you boil all parts of the ciplukan plant until it boils.

6. Boils

Ciplukan leaves are effective for treating ulcers. Especially for treating boils, ciplukan leaves is not consumed but is used as an external medicine.

You mix and knead one handful of ciplukan leaves, one teaspoon of pulasaro fennel, one betel leaf, and salt.

After all the ingredients are gently mixed, you apply it on the boil area.

This herbal remedy will make the boil quickly break and dry.

7. Ulcers

Ciplukan leaves are believed to be able to heal ulcers. To feel the benefits you mix one handful of ciplukan leaves with two teaspoons of whiting water.

You mix and mash until smooth, then you apply the herbal medicine on the injured area.

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